This mathematician shows you, in one minute, that you gain nothing by driving at 140 km/h

Today we want to show you the video that a mathematician has published on his social networks and where, in a simple and instructive way, he explains why You gain nothing by driving at 140 km/hAnd we say 140 km/h, although this theory is applicable to other speeds on different roads and circumstances.

Professor José Ángel Murcia focuses on a very basic principle for his explanation of why You gain nothing by driving at 140 km/h: the inverse relationship between speed and timeTo apply this principle, we only need to perform a simple mathematical calculation, which will give us the exact figures of time that we gain as we increase our speed.

Why you don’t gain anything by driving at 140 km/h: Logical explanation of the matter

If we travel, for example, at 40 km/h, it will take us one hour to cover 40 kilometres. In order to reduce this time by half, we would have to increase this speed by another 40 km/h, that is, double. However, when we travel at 120 km/h and decide to go to 140 km/h, the time gained with respect to this increase in speed will become insignificant if we compare it with the initial example.

At 120 km/h we travel two km every minute, or 2,000 metres every 60 seconds. If we apply the calculations deduced by the professor, the increase of 20 km/h to our initial pace will only make us gain a little more than four seconds per kilometre travelled, or what is the same, about 500 seconds, approximately 8.5 minutes after one hour of driving.

Undoubtedly, the risk of having an accident increases depending on the speed at which we drive, but so does the possibility of getting a fine. Driving at 140 km/h in a 120 km/h zone is punishable by a fine of 100 euros. So at this point one must ask oneself: “Is it worth arriving 8 minutes early at our destination considering the risks involved?

Conclusion: You gain nothing by driving at 140 km/hbeyond a few seconds, and that’s taking into account that the traffic conditions were totally stable and unchanging, allowing us to travel continuously at that speed. So imagine what the exact gain is once we make a journey on the road, in real conditions, leaving theory behind.

This mathematician shows you, in one minute, that you gain nothing by driving at 140 km/h

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