A huge collection of Old School motorcycles seized in the Halia operation against drug trafficking

Recently, the Civil Guard has dismantled one of the most important drug trafficking networks in the country. To his surprise, among other things, he has found an incredible Old school motorcycle collection during the course of the searches carried out in the different locations where the operation has been carried out.

As we told you a while ago, Old School have become investment products in which people with a good purchasing power, and generally fond of two wheels, acquire iconic models with the subsequent intention of reselling them at a higher price.

This has led to some frames, such as those shown in the official video of the records, being at truly outrageous prices and within the reach of very few. In just a few years, since the last real estate crisis of 2008 to this time, there are motorcycles of this type that have increased their value exponentially.

Operation Halia seizes an incredible collection of Old School motorcycles

According to the colleagues of Diario de Arousa, the dismantled network was responsible for the entry and subsequent distribution of drugs in the northern part of our country. In the searches, in addition to seizing a sum of cash exceeding 3 million euros or several luxury watches, they also found 16 vehicles of different types and values.

But without a doubt, and this is what has left more than one of us with our mouths open after viewing the operation carried out by the Civil Guard, is the discovery of the incredible collection of Old School motorcycles, which is shown for just a few seconds during filming. If we look in detail, we can see some truly iconic motorcycles, including a Honda NR750.

Among others you can count several Honda NSR250, different versions of Suzuki RGV250 or a 125 cc Aprilia triplet on top of a loft. But this is not all because there is also an RD500, CBR250RR, several Kawasaki ZXR in different versions (750 cc and 250 cc) or a Ducati of the 748 or 916 series, we cannot determine it with certainty.

A huge collection of Old School motorcycles seized in the call "Halia operation"

Aprilia RS250, RD350 and even a TMAX are also part of this “stash” of Old School found by the Civil Guard in the registry. But without a doubt the queen of the place is an incredible NR750, which apparently could be covered with a cover, the same one that is seen on it during the moments that we can see the back of it in the filming.

Currently the Honda NR750 is one of the most sought-after nineties motorcycles with prices that no longer fall below six figures in any case. A timeless machine that stands out for its emblematic V4 with oval pistons and 32 valves that, at the time, represented maximum exclusivity within the two-wheeled sector.

A huge collection of Old School motorcycles seized in the call "Halia operation"

Among other things because it had to be disbursed 7.5 million of the old pesetas, to be able to enjoy one of the 300 units which were only marketed for a short period of time. A very special gem that drug traffickers also enjoyed within this fascinating collection of Old School motorcycles.

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