Here's what we know about Triumph's future 400 model range. Be careful, they are coming strong.

Some rumors continue to arrive about the future 400 model range that Triumph intends to shape in the future. After the presentation last summer of 2023 of its new Triumph Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400 Modern Classic British.

We have informed you of the progress on the subject, in several detailed articles about what we can expect in the coming months. Here we leave you some of them in case you want more information:

The 400 model range that Triumph hopes to develop

Now, after some statements from the Bajaj Auto boss, Rajiv Bajajit is confirmed that the new 400 model range which Triumph launched a few months ago with the Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400 X, will continue to grow in the coming months. In fact, he points out that before the end of this year, the brand will announce a new frame that will be integrated into this offer.

New data on Triumph's future 400 model range

If we are guided by the information we have handled in the last year, it is more than likely that the new model to be presented will be a Thruxton 400, since it is the only one of which we have images of a test mule in action. This does not mean that Bajaj and Triumph are not already working on other variants, but initially everything indicates that this will be the new member of this 400 model range.

Later, we could enjoy other commercial names such as a Roadster, Scrambler, Cafe Racer, Bonneville or Speedmaster. Also, of course, a scale version of the current Triumph Tiger, taking into account the popularity of this type of model today.

New data on Triumph's future 400 model range

Furthermore, Bajaj does not hide its intentions to try to unseat Royal Enfield from this part of the market where the Indo-British firm has become the true queen of the sector with a number of units sold that its rivals, for the moment, can only dream of.

According to the numbers you use Bajaj Auto, its intention is to market around 35,000 units of this type of model per month. Royal Enfield currently doubles that amount and we must take into account that Bajaj speaks of a 400 model rangemanaged by them in India, which would include their own brand motorcycles, but also those they would offer Triumph, KTM or Husqvarnawith which it has signed collaboration agreements.

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