Zayn Sofuoglu continues “messing” with a quad, a caravan and a kart

It is neither the first nor will it be the last time that we see Zayn Sofuoglu doing his thing with his father's approval. At just five years old, he does not stop showing off his skills on social networks, where by the way he has a whopping 3 million followers. And he doesn't even follow his own father, a crack if ever there was one.

Even so, little Zayn is growing, and thanks to the hours he has already invested, and the ability to learn that any child has, we see how his challenges do not stop growing. If him driving a Porsche or a Honda Gold Wing was already crazy, things get more complicated as time goes by.

Zayn Sofuoglu's skills go beyond motorcycles

In this first video you can see how, despite having all the motorcycles he wants, he prefers the quad. But of course a quad has four wheels, it has two to spare… So he gets on two wheels with an ease worthy of the best stuntman, to do a complete lap of his father's training circuit. Not a single hesitation, taking advantage of the track and even letting go of his hand! Of course, we didn't like the thing about the skateboard helmet without adjusting it at all.

And since we're on four wheels, in the second video Zayn does take advantage of them to do a GYMKANA in tribute to Ken Block. With his electric kart, albeit with an artificial sound, he drifts in and out of his parents' house. A house that, as you can see, is spectacular and where are some of the motorcycles that Kenan used in his time as a pilot.

To top it all off, so much action must have left him tired and since Zayn Sofuoglu seems to be able to take care of himself, he prepares to drive the car with the caravan. It may seem easy, until you see how he begins to maneuver the pickup truck and the two-axle caravan. If you have ever taken a trailer, perhaps it is what impresses you the most in a recently turned five-year-old.

There is no doubt that Zayn is developing many skills, nor that there are the means for him to do so at the Sofuoglu home. What does seem clear is that Kenan is preparing his son to be one of the Turkish drivers of the future, because he has already achieved being a star…

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