SYM's PE 3 is an invention. A plug-in hybrid scooter that goes 300 km on 3 liters of gasoline

Last EICMA 2023 We knew about the hybrid concept, in scooter format, that SYM was showing exclusively worldwide: its new PE 3. The idea is to combine an electric motor with another combustion engine, managing to offer up to 300 kilometers of autonomyusing only one liter of gasoline for every 100 kilometers traveled.

For this, the SYM PE3 It uses an innovative aluminum ion battery, managing to meet the expectations of pollution-free mobility in urban environments, but without neglecting a factor as important as autonomy.

SYM PE3, mixed versatility

The electric motor provides us with a maximum power of 4 kW (5.5 HP) and according to the manufacturer, it can travel up to 35 kilometers without the help of the gasoline engine. The interesting thing is that the combustion engine only starts when it detects that the battery voltage drops from the initial 75 V to 60 V.

In this way, it is not only responsible for supporting the electrical team on each trip. Also giving it the necessary energy for it to recharge again. Furthermore, the SYM PE 3 It has a 3-liter gasoline tank that, according to the brand's own calculations, can give it up to 270 kilometers of autonomy, about 90 km/L.

SYM's PE 3 hybrid concept announces a range of up to 300 kilometers

If we add to these the 35 kilometers that we can travel in electric mode, we have a final figure of around 300 kilometers using both engines. Also, the PE 3 It has a charging socket, so, if we only move through central areas, we do not have to use the gasoline engine.

By recharging our battery when necessary, we will be able to circulate in electric mode with the advantages that this has, especially in large cities and access to the so-called ZBE. However, the beauty of the PE 3 lies precisely in its hybrid concept, which allows us to hit the road without fear of not having enough autonomy to reach the desired destination.

SYM's PE 3 hybrid concept announces a range of up to 300 kilometers

The total 300 kilometers that we can travel using both engines makes it suitable for almost any trip that we require of it. For now we do not have information relevant to its launch, nor if the brand would end up offering it on our continent if it were to be mass produced.

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