A unique opportunity to discover the model ranges of the two Italian brands

Like every year, the motorcycle season begins with the well-known Aprilia Days and Moto Guzzi Days 2024, representing a unique opportunity to enjoy the latest models from the two emblematic Italian brands, and discover the exclusive advantages offered by all models in the Aprilia and Moto Guzzi ranges.

Aprilia Days 2024

The great star of the Aprilia Days 2024 It is the latest addition to the brand's super sports family. The new Aprilia RS 457 breaks into the segment of small-displacement sports motorcycles that can be driven with the A2 license, featuring a combination of lightness, power and ease of driving.

It stands out for its weight-power ratio and high-level standard electronics. An authentic sports model in the purest RS style with a selling price of 7,199 euros. Now only during the month of April will the launch price of 6,999 euros.

Thanks to the DreamRide Now financial product offered by Santander Consumer, throughout the month of April, the Aprilia RS 457 It can be purchased with reduced installments of 99 euros for 24 months.

For the Aprilia Tuareg model, the twin-cylinder adventure bike that won the Africa Eco Race, and available in three new striking colors, Dakar Podium, Atreides Black and Canyon Sand, there are a discount of 1,000 euros available for all those who deliver a vehicle in exchange during these Aprilia Days 2024.

Discounts of 1,000 euros are also available, delivering a vehicle in exchange, on the rest of the 660 cc range, and 500 euros on the entire 125 cc range, which, as it is, in many cases, a first motorcycle, does not It will be necessary to deliver the vehicle in exchange, it is a direct discount. For more information or to book an appointment, you can visit the brand's official website.

Aprilia Days and Moto Guzzi Days 2024: A unique opportunity to learn about the model ranges of the two Italian brands

Moto Guzzi Days 2024

We also have the Moto Guzzi Days 2024, where the presence of the new Moto Guzzi Stelvio stands out, now available for test drives. It offers leading performance thanks to its compact twin-cylinder engine, as well as innovative technologies designed to maximize both driving pleasure and safety,

You can get this new Moto Guzzi product for a monthly fee of 149 euros thanks to the DreamRide Now financial product. The new Moto Guzzi Stelvio is available at a price of 17,099 euroswhile the new version that incorporates the innovative platform PFF Rider Assistance Solution starts from the 17,899 euros.

Aprilia Days and Moto Guzzi Days 2024: A unique opportunity to learn about the model ranges of the two Italian brands

On the other hand, we have the new V85 E5+ range, the iconic “travel enduro” of the eagle brand that is available for test drives in the versions V85 Strada, V85 TT and V85 TT Travel.

Throughout the month of April, customers will be able to enjoy exclusive discounts of 1,500 euros on the entire V85 E5 range500 euros in the V7 and V9 range and 1,500 euros if they deliver a vehicle in exchange in the V100 Mandello range.

For more information and to book an appointment, click here.

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