A unique way to cross the Pyrenees in the day

From Sun To Sun we propose to carry out the Transpirenaica 2024 with departure from Empuriabrava (Parking Platja Petita), Girona and arrival in Hondarribia (Parking Playa Hondarribia) before sunset, are you in?

Sun to Sun returns in 2024 with another of those events that any lover of two wheels and motorcycle tourism should not miss: The Transpyrenean 2024. A route that will take us along some of the most beautiful roads in the territory, being able to enjoy the landscape and local gastronomy.

As already happened with Sun To Sun Transandalus 2024, in this Transpyrenean the main idea is to be able to enjoy a different experience, where we achieve a full connection with our mount and the environment. Furthermore, it is not the first time that the organization has prepared this route, although this time it will be done through a different route.

In any case, this Sun To Sun Transpirenaica 2024 will begin and end on June 15, leaving in Empuriabrava (Parking Platja Petita), Girona and arriving in Hondarribia (Parking Playa Hondarribia), before sunset.

As in previous editions, we must remember that the Sun To Sun Transpyrenean It is not a race or a sports competition, so the main objective is to enjoy a day of driving with hundreds of fans who share our same love for two wheels and these types of events.

Sun To Sun Transpirenaica 2024: A unique way to cross the Pyrenees in the day

To consider:

  • The route is 100% paved, and will have 4 checkpoints and refreshment stations during the day.
  • The route will not be published until a few days before departure, and 15 days before the organization will send a prebriefing to all registrants with specific information

Registration Sun To Sun Transpirenaica 2024

Registration for this Transpirenaica 2024 is now open and the price (77 euros for 1 person and a motorcycle, or 112 euros for 2 people and a motorcycle) includes:

Sun To Sun Transpirenaica 2024: A unique way to cross the Pyrenees in the day

  • Dorsal
  • Passport
  • Provisioning at checkpoints. Food + Drinks
  • Tour tracks in different formats
  • Party arrival Saturday night.
  • Photos
  • Sun to Sun T-shirt.

For more information and details about this Transpirenaica 2024 or any of the events organized by Sun To Sun, you can visit its official website.

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