a very different way of using motorcycles… planes, trains, and tanks

Challenges are part of the life of Alex Camera, an Italian athlete with overwhelming strength who likes to use motorcycles in his challenges. He has several world records behind him and, in fact, for the last two years he has been recording his exploits to create a documentary. It will be released next week and it is called “Without Limits”.

In that documentary, we will be able to see him defy logic by facing trains, planes, tractors, trucks and, of course, motorcycles with his body. Always using his force against all types of vehicles, either dragging them or, more surprisingly, counteracting their power.

That is the case of the record he achieved against, neither more nor less, a Yamaha R1. The Italian faced the Japanese machine in a way that cannot leave us indifferent, and that has nothing to do with other challenges in which motorcycles are protagonists.

By hooking the motorcycle with straps to a system mounted on the rear axle, it was able to withstand the thrust of the motorcycle for 45.4 seconds. He was attached to a harness to have grip, otherwise the 182 HP of the 2008 R1 would have dragged him. But it was his arms and the rest of his body that held the traction of the motorcycle, and that meant that during that time the R1 was burning wheels.

Alex Camera's next challenge is even more insane

And if that doesn't seem enough to you, this “strong man” who also pulls tanks or hangs from helicopters, was also able to hold off two motorcycles at the same time. These are two Honda CRF450s and what we could consider the torture of the dismemberment of the Middle Ages. Of course, instead of hanging it from four horses, Alex Camera holds two motorcycles without moving from the spot.

One demonstration of strength after another in which he surprises with what he is capable of and which, as we say, can be enjoyed in the documentary that will premiere on May 18 on Amazon.

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