Adjustable Snowmobile Lift

Within the Offroad world there are usually countless accessories with which to improve the performance and handling of any mount included in this segment. However, it seems that for now no one has thought of the idea of ​​designing a adjustable riser with which to adapt the handlebars of our motorcycle to any situation and terrain.

This is the ingenious accessory, which the colleagues at Ride Apart show us today, we already warned you that it is not designed for an Offroad mount, at least one of those that we have in mind at this very moment. It is an invention developed to be installed on a snowmobile.

Ski-Doo Adjustable Lift in Detail

Developed by the brand specialized in snowmobiles Ski-Doo, has been sold since 2017 and as detailed in the sales announcement, since it can be purchased as an independent accessory. It is adjustable longitudinally and has up to four selectable heights.

This means that it can adapt to riders of different sizes, as well as the position they adopt on the motorcycle (whether standing or sitting). As we see in the image, it is anchored directly to the steering bar, at the bottom and the handlebar in its upper area. In this way and with a simple adjustment knob we can select the ideal position at all times.

Ski-Doo Adjustable Lift

Although in the two-wheel market we have different types of handlebar risers, they do not have the technical functionality of this adjustable riser, nor its ease of adjustment. You also don’t have to go around changing pine cones or adapting their wiring.

The best of all is that this Ski-Doo Adjustable Lift It also has a fairly reasonable price, 140 dollars, about 128 euros to the change, although it does not seem very feasible to be able to install it on a road or field mount. In this regard, from Ride Apart, they wonder what it would be like to be able to adapt it to a motorcycle of this type.

Ski-Doo Adjustable Lift

If there is anyone interested in getting it and trying to anchor it to the handlebars of their motorcycle (according to the brand distributor, it is compatible with the thickness of the handlebar bars of a standard motorcycle) that “leither order now or forget the idea forever”.

Jokes aside, here we leave you the link to this adjustable riser from Ski-Doo.

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