After the Pulsar comes something more powerful. A Bajaj adventure that already rolls in the form of a test mule

Will we soon know a Bajaj adventure of half displacement? This is the question that comes to mind after seeing the images of a test mule in full action that the Argentine colleagues of La Moto have published. Something, on the other hand, not surprising, taking into account the development plans of the Indian business group.

Among them is, of course, having a Bajaj adventure within its current range of models. Now they even have it a little easier, after having presented the new Pulsar NS400Z, and everything suggests that a possible Offroad variant is finally developed on the basis released by the latter.

The new Bajaj adventure closer than ever

The latest statements from the company's CEO, Rajiv Bajajpoint in this direction, especially when, in addition to the launch of its new medium-displacement naked, the company is working hard on the development of new models of this type with which to expand the current Triumph range.

Then we have the agreement that it also has with KTM, using the well-known Austrian single-cylinder from 373cc in his latest release. That is to say, Bajaj Auto plays different bands with the same intention: To be able to fully enter the middle category where a wide range of possibilities are crystallized in the competitive Asian market.

The next Bajaj adventure is already rolling in the form of a test mule

On the other hand, it is not at all unreasonable to think of a Bajaj Adventure, even less so when for years different specific kits have been offered for the Dominar range with which to convert a conventional naked into an Offroad image mount. And we say image because dynamically there are no changes with respect to the model from which it starts.

This is done by a local specialist who, under the name Dominar Xplorer, gives the owners of a variant of this model the opportunity to give it a different touch with a marked adventure feel. This is precisely what the test mule hunted in the town of Ahmedabad looks like.

The next Bajaj adventure is already rolling in the form of a test mule

Although it is not confirmed that it is a prototype intended to be marketed under the Bajaj brand, both on an aesthetic level and the current moment that the company is going through, makes us lean towards this vision of the matter. What stands out is the use of an inverted fork, a split seat at two heights or a high front fender.

However, it misleads the use of an air-cooled engine that would have nothing to do with the block that has been used to propel the new Pulsar 400. All this leaves a series of questions in the air that we will have to answer as we have new data in this regard, although each one is free to make the appropriate assumptions about this Bajaj adventure and what may be to come.

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