The new grand touring with 8-cylinder engine from Souo Motorcycles can be seen in its final version

The new, and first, motorcycle Souo Motorcycles It seems that she is ready to make her star appearance on next May 17 on the occasion of Beijing International Motorcycle Show. Before, just a few days ago, the brand gave us a preview of the model, showing us the shapes of the 8-cylinder boxer engine that will equip both this grand touring variant and a more than likely high-flying mega cruiser.

Now, just a few hours ago, the colleagues at Motorrad Online published some images taken outside the brand's facilities, where the Chinese business group has developed its new frame. In them we can see Wei Jianjun, CEO of Great Wall Motor (GWM), at the controls of the new Souo Motorcycles.

The new Souo Motorcycles, an 8-cylinder review of the current Gold Wing 1800

What is abundantly clear, after viewing the first images of the new Souo Motorcycles, is that its creators have not hesitated when it comes to being “inspired” by the design of Honda's everlasting Gold Wing 1800. Both in terms of aesthetics and much of the technique, it shares key aspects with the Japanese grand touring.

Starting with the visual plane, the new model of Souo Motorcycles It opts for soft and stylized lines, where a wide front end presided over by a generous headlight equipped with double optics stands out. In the side view we can see how the generous set of suitcases presides over the rear, integrating the exhaust system at the bottom of it.

The new grand touring from Souo Motorcycles can be seen in its final version

Other details that mark the exterior design of the Souo Motorcycles, In its road version, they are the side air inlets or the front fork system equipped with a double aluminum wishbone very similar to the one used by the current Gold Wing. The cylinder head covers reveal the marvelous block hidden inside with four collectors on each side.

In the technical section this Souo Motorcycles opts for an 8-cylinder boxer engine that, using the information we have, roughly speaking we would be faced with a mechanics almost identical to that used by the Gold Wing 1800 but with the novelty of integrating 2 extra cylinders.

The new grand touring from Souo Motorcycles can be seen in its final version

The final displacement will not be proportional to the use of these two additional cylinders and everything suggests that it will finally be around 2,000 cc. Furthermore, the most notable difference compared to the Japanese is the use of 2 camshafts through a DOHC system. However, both the cooling system and the location of the gearbox (dual clutch) are similar to Honda's 6-cylinder engine.

Finally, and referring to this aspect, the exchange system of the new Souo Motorcycles, this has specific elements, such as different hydraulically operated parts anchored in the front and rear area of ​​the propeller itself. In any case, we have to wait for the official specifications to have a clear idea of ​​how it works and corroborate these data.

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