AMT is the automatic transmission of the future KTM Super Adventure 2025 range. It is being tested and we already know things

The future KTM Super Adventure range It continues to be exhibited, in the form of test mules, offering us new details about what we can expect from it. Everything indicates that there will be S, Rally versions and even a variant called 1490 with a higher level of performance, seasoned with the inclusion of a new automatic transmission that will be offered optionally.

The German media Motorrad Online has commented on the latter, showing us some images of the participation of a prototype of the Austrian firm in the demanding Erzbergrodeo 2024. Under the acronym “AMT Prototype”, This came equipped with this type of change that, presumably, will reach the street versions to compete directly with the Honda e-cluth and the new BMW ASA.

It is also likely that the aforementioned prototype will end up becoming the next KTM 1390 Super Adventure R 2025. Regarding the shifting system, the “AMT Prototype” had a gear lever but not a clutch lever. It also showed a cluster of control switches on the left side from which French pilot Johnny Aubert tested the system during the test.

KTM Super Adventure 2025 range, what's to come

Among the possible ones that make up the KTM Super Adventure range 2025, everything suggests the official presentation of a Rally variant, which we have already given you notice of previously. This would sport an image similar to that used by the KTM 450 Rally Replica, focused on pure Offroad driving.

Details such as a control panel in an almost vertical position, high front fender, aluminum crankcase cover or radial type wheels, measuring 21” on the front axle, are a sample of what we can expect from such a version. To this we should add a substantial weight reduction with respect to the standard Super Adventure, thinking about a use more focused on mud.

Another of the unknowns that looms over the future KTM Super Adventure range 2025 It is whether the brand will also offer a 1490 version of its well-known Super Adventure. Although there would be no changes in mechanical and technical terms compared to a conventional 1390, it would have a series of improvements with which to increase the power above the standard variant.

New details on the future KTM Super Adventure range for 2025

The German media points to figures around 190 HP, and this would require incorporating a new set of alloy wheels and larger section tires, as well as a reinforced aluminum swingarm adapted to these new levels. In addition, it is likely that the equipment specifications will be improved and the aforementioned automatic transmission system on which KTM is already working will be offered as an option.

Finally, within these developments that affect the KTM Super Adventure range, we have the arrival of the future R and S variants, of which we have also been aware in recent months. In them the Austrian brand essentially focuses on improving some aesthetic and equipment aspects.

New details on the future KTM Super Adventure range for 2025

This includes new lighting equipment, in line with the design shown by the new models that are reaching the current range. Likewise, the radar system is now anchored under the headlight, while the headlight elements responsible for cornering lighting are integrated into the sides of the system itself. Likewise, the fuel tank, in relation to these new design features, seems less voluminous (at least visually) than the one used by the Super Adventure 1290.

Mechanically, the arrival of the 75º V2 engine released in the 2024 Super Duke R is expected. Thanks to the increase in the diameter of its cylinders to 110 mm, it now has 1,350 cc. Although in the maxi naked orange it offers us 190 HP at 10,000 rpm and 145 Nm of maximum torque at 8,000 revolutions, in the new Super Adventure R and S a lower power figure is expected due to the philosophy and use of the model.

New details on the future KTM Super Adventure range for 2025

The current 1290 that are marketed in this 2024 season use the well-known LC8 75° V twin cylinder of 1,301 cc, declaring a final power of 160 HP. If we go by the increase in power applied in the new Super Duke R 2024 compared to the previous version, it is likely that the new Super Adventure R and S will be around the declared 170 HP.

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