an unscripted documentary series about an epic journey across the U.S.

Always Something is the TV series in which two famous stunt pilots host a travel show. It is certainly a raw, unfiltered journey through the USA, which could also serve as a roadmap for a totally epic adventure. Do you dare?

What does Always Something have in common with the productions: «The Long Way Round«, «The Long Way Up” and “The Long Way Down«? Sure, all of them are excellent motorcycle adventure documentaries, but not across the United States. While the other productions are ideal if you are looking for inspiration to plan that great motorcycle trip you dream of, Always Something is perfect for those who prefer something more accessible and close to home.

«Always Something» is an authentic and realistic series created by Everything Empire In collaboration with Triumph and starring Ernie Vigil and Nick Borcha. These pilots, known for their exciting stunts and motorcycle videos, are already at the controls of several Triumphthey improvise a trip through the 50 Yankee states without a defined plan “in advance”. The objective of Vigil and Drunk is to highlight the diversity of landscapes, local cultures and hidden treasures of the U.S., using only their ingenuity and the generosity of other local bikers.

Without professional film crews or set itineraries, the hosts offer us a genuine adventure. Ernie Vigilco-founder of Everything Empirecommented on the series: “We wanted to create something truly different… With Always Something, we don’t just feature motorcycles or stunts. We dive into the heart of what it means to ride a motorcycle, explore every corner of the country and share those experiences with our audience. It’s about the journey, the people we meet and the amazing places we discover along the way.”.

Always Something

Always Something could be your travel guide

«Always Something» gives you a guide for your next adventure in the USA, as each video includes a description of the places visited by Vigil and Drunk.

As we mentioned before, the first four episodes of “Always Something» are now available on the YouTube channel Everything Empire. Note that there are still two more to be released in this first season. We will not stop watching them, of course.

Always Something

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