The first CNG-powered motorcycle, the Bajaj Freedom 125, is being launched tomorrow but we already know things

Finally, the world’s first CNG-powered motorcycle will be called Freedom 125. This is the first of the new features that we already know just a few hours before Bajaj officially presents it to the media. The brand recently launched a teaser on its social networks, where it showed us other relevant details of this new model that will become a milestone in the two-wheeled sector.

This new development is undoubtedly a major undertaking by the Indian automotive giant. The bike was initially considered to be called the Bruzer, but at the last minute it was decided to change its commercial name to Freedom 125.

Bajaj Freedom 125: What we already know about the model before its global launch

Thanks to our colleagues at Rush Lane, who have echoed the latest news about the new Freedom 125we know some really interesting details that will be part of the first CNG-powered bike. Among them is the small switch that will allow us to change the power source without having to stop the bike.

Remember that the Freedom 125 will have separate fuel tanks, CNG and gasoline, so the range of autonomy will be practically double that of any of its direct rivals. We will be able to choose to use one or the other power source, and to do so we will only have to activate a switch placed on the right handlebar of the motorcycle, in a very similar way to cars equipped with hybrid fuel systems.

Bajaj Freedom 125: Final details ahead of the global launch of the world's first CNG-powered motorcycle

Other relevant details that will make up the new Bajaj model are, for example, the use of a front LED headlight, fork and hand guards (probably in a better equipped version) or a disc brake on the front axle together with a drum anchored to its rear wheel.

Mechanically, it will be powered by an air-cooled single-cylinder engine and coupled with a 5-speed gearbox. The brand has sought simplicity and efficiency, two very common characteristics in small-capacity motorcycles sold in India and much of Asia.

Bajaj Freedom 125: Final details ahead of the global launch of the world's first CNG-powered motorcycle

Price and official presentation of the new Freedom 125

Bajaj will present its new motorcycle to the public in just a few hours. The event is expected to be attended by the brand’s CEO, Rajiv Bajajas well as the Indian Minister of Roads and Transport, Nitin Gadkari. Everything is ready to mark a historic milestone within the two-wheeled sector.

Regarding the final price that Bajaj will put on the new model Freedom 125everything suggests that it will start at approximately 90,000 rupees, about 1,000 euros to change, although it is likely that the model will end up having some special variant equipped with a higher level of equipment.

Bajaj Freedom 125: Final details ahead of the global launch of the world's first CNG-powered motorcycle

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