Analysis of the MotoGP 24 video game

MotoGP 24 game analysis

The life of a motorcycle tester makes you have one foot at home and the other at the airport, so on many more occasions than you would like, you have to spend long periods of downtime looking for something to entertain yourself.

There comes a time when you can even find the sign “you have reached the end of the internet«. And that's after having devoured the extended version of the Lord of the Rings. So having a portable console like the Nintendo Switch can be your best ally. And if you also have the newly released MotoGP 24 game, even better.

You may not be able to enjoy the MotoGP 24 game in all its splendor (it is also available on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox On and Steam), but you can anytime, anywhere.

MotoGP 24 game news

We already told you at the time what were the new features of the MotoGP 24 game, included for this year. We must think that if we are talking about a video game that is released annually, we cannot expect amazing improvements and rather a general refinement of it. Even so, Milestone has kept a handful of surprises up its sleeve.

Perhaps the most important affects the pilot market. And we are not talking about that in career mode you sign for one team or another, but rather that the entire Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP grid will promote and change teams from one season to another based on their achievements. This makes the game change noticeably, and the grids as the season goes by are very different from what we might think. Márquez on official Ducati and then on KTM? Everything is possible.

Another novelty in the MotoGP 24 game comes from the sanctions, the so-called MotoGP Stewards. They will be in charge of warning or even sanctioning both the player and the AI ​​based on their behavior. Warnings, long laps or even orders to allow overtaking under yellow flags will be the order of the day. Aggressive driving will also influence the fictitious social network already incorporated last year.

Possibly from the global point of view of the game, the previous developments are important. But for the gameplay, the fact that they have now included an adaptive difficulty system delves into a more realistic game. No more putting the AI ​​on easy mode and winning with one hand behind your back. Now if you go fast, they will also go faster, and it will be difficult to be ahead.

Finally, there is a general refinement, both in the physics of the game and in realism, driving, behavior of the motorcycle and tires, etc. We are not going to evaluate either LiveGP or the Cross-play option because for the Nintendo Switch, these modes are not available.

Playing MotoGP 24

MotoGP 24 game

Using the MotoGP 24 game on the Nintendo Switch is always a challenge, especially due to the lack of “touch” when operating the digital buttons. The lack of an analogue control, something that is achieved using the peripherals of other platforms, forces you to have a golden finger to give gas at the right moment.

Luckily there is an ally, and it is the individual parameterization of each button, with a lot of options both in when it is activated or deactivated, as well as even the curve that can be more or less direct.

But, let us start at the beginning. In the MotoGP 24 game we find redesigned menus, and a rearrangement of them, although more or less everything is where we would expect to find it. We can choose between a fast race, a timed race, racing a season, the MotoGP Academy to learn the circuits and improve our driving by facing different challenges, and, of course, the trajectory mode, which is the one that can satisfy us the most.

MotoGP 24 game

The loading times are a little slow, but on the other hand, it allows us for the game to operate very fluidly later, even if at some point we play on a television. There are intermediate loads that are a little incomprehensible, such as between the intro already on the circuit and the appearance in the pits. But in this case they are relatively brief.

It must be remembered that for the portable console, in the MotoGP 24 game they have had to limit the maximum number of rivals and that, therefore, you will only compete with a maximum of 15 other riders on the grid, up to a total of 16. Even So they are enough to make exciting races, especially when you are in the middle of the group.

The AI ​​operates as you would expect, although sometimes you find that at the end of the straight they often go too far, and end up using the asphalt part of the loophole, although they will not get an advantage because of it and with the new Stewards, in many cases They are sanctioned.

With four modes of realism, whether you are a fan of simulation or if you want to play in a more arcade way, with the MotoGP 24 game you will find a point that suits your skills (or tastes), and if not you can always customize each one of the different aids.

MotoGP 24 game

Likewise, playing with the traction control or the power and engine braking modes will allow you to manage the laps much better as the tires wear out, or as you wear out and be less exact with the braking point. or acceleration.

Are there negative points? Of course, because we always want more. For example, the game came out without polishing some details. For example, the bikes are not updated to this year's silhouettes and the MotoE category is missing. Likewise, only the faces of the MotoGP riders are rendered, while the Moto2 and Moto3 riders all come out with their helmets on. In some circuits, which have recently undergone renovations, there are also slight discrepancies.

And speaking of helmets and clothing. Being able to modify as we wish and even personalize the decoration is still present, although it is more tedious than one would like. In the end you end up choosing one of the predefined designs (mostly imported from previous titles), so you can enjoy what we like most: driving.

MotoGP 24 game

For last I have left the most serious problem I have encountered, which I have not been able to confirm if it happened only to me or, on the contrary, it is a launch error. In career mode, after the first three GPs in which you race as a “guest driver” (so to speak), and which will designate which teams you can sign for, the game closed unexpectedly.

That is to say, after choosing that I wanted the driver market to be operational starting next season (racing in 2024 in the most realistic way), and having signed for a team (staying in the CIP that gave me the opportunity), I have not I couldn't move forward with it because as soon as I try to move forward, the program closes. Reinstalling it hasn't eliminated the problem either.

At this point there are two options: either wait for it to be resolved in the next update (scheduled very soon), or try to run the three GPs again and cross your fingers thinking that it has only been a temporary problem. But of course, one thinks that if it happens to him when he has already competed for two or three seasons, and has a high reputation as a driver, it would be very frustrating.

MotoGP 24 game

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