What if gasoline BMWs stopped having the “i” in their name?

There have always been some strange things in the car names. Some still do not distinguish the codes next to the Audi models and other acronyms are not clear either. However, it had always been quite clear that the Gasoline BMWs have an “i” after your number. And we speak in the past tense because, although it has been this way for around half a century, this could be about to change. The Germans could eliminate that letter and it has to do with electric ones.

The “i” from previous times had referred to injection, to gasoline injection. Although BMW in these times has it more linked to electrification since the launch of its BMW i3 a decade ago. After that model, many more have arrived, they will continue to do so and the brand does not want them to the end customer may have doubts with its nomenclature. It seems that the electric ones have won the war and they will keep the “i”, while the combustion ones lose it.

This movement could start with the next BMW X3, specifically the sportiest version. Apparently the M40i variant will be replaced by an X3 M50 that he would no longer have that “i” in his name. Recently Bernd Körber, senior VP of product and brand management at BMW, said that they wanted keep that letter as active and that it made more sense in electric ones. On the other hand, it is believed that after X3 the change would begin to be applied to the Series 1 and Series 2 Gran Coupé, before reaching the Series 7 when it has its mid-commercial life update in 2026.

It seems that electrification is sweeping away the rest of propulsion technologies and this is just proof of it. In the long term, most manufacturers will have their ranges full of electric vehicles and combustion vehicles will be more of a testimonial. Hence the “i” of BMW disappears as we know it to make way for a new family. It currently consists of the new generation i4, i5, i7, iX, iX1, iX2 and iX3; although everything indicates that in the coming years they will multiply.

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