At 76,000 euros each, the 10 Ultimate YZF-R1 Crescent Yamaha is the most exclusive thing you can get

Crescent Yamaha has launched an exclusive series of 10 Yamaha GYTR YZF-R1 In honor to Jonathan Rea. Each of these YZF-R1 sports the distinctive JR Winter Test livery, designed by renowned designer Aldo Drudi and will only be available through Crescent’s ProShop website. This model goes one step further than the R1 that Crescent Yamaha itself presented to us a few weeks ago.

As it could not be otherwise, the bike is equipped with interesting performance and chassis improvements taken from the GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing) catalogue. It is estimated that the power will increase by about 30 HP compared to the standard version, reaching 215 hp. All units will come with a certificate of authenticity from Crescent Yamaha and the opportunity to meet Jonathan Rea in any round of WSBK.

«We wanted to make the most of GYTR and other performance parts suppliers’ catalog to create the ultimate R1, and I’m pretty sure we achieved that“he commented Paul Denning, general manager of Crescent Yamaha and the Yamaha WSBK team. «If a collector acquires one, we will be delighted, but it would be a shame to build a bike like this and not put it to the test on the track. “We want to serve those who enjoy wearing out tires and come back with a big smile on their face.”

Buyers will also have the opportunity to attend a trackday in the UK with a Crescent ProShop technician, who will be available to tune the yamaha to user preferences.

Ultimate YZF-R1 Crescent Yamaha

This is the Ultimate YZF-R1 Crescent Yamaha

To achieve this power, the bikes are equipped with upgraded cylinder heads for a higher compression ratio, along with a set of cams from the GYTR racing kit. They also include an exhaust Akrapovič factory World Endurance Championship spec, clutch SweaterGYTR head gasket, GYTR crankcase covers, a racing air filter BMC and some more trinkets.

Denningcontinued declaring: «Because they are factory kit parts, Yamaha designs them with durability in mind as well.. The increase of over 30 HP and a huge amount of torque makes it a beast, but with the flat and tractable power delivery that the YZF-R1 is known for. That, combined with the GYTR kit’s ECU, which offers a wider range of torque and traction control settings, will make the bike very usable for any skill level. It’s just gratifying to have that performance when you shift into fourth, fifth and sixth gears.«.

Ultimate YZF-R1 Crescent Yamaha

Chassis upgrades include a swingarm Sweaterfull suspension Öhlinsforged aluminum wheels Marchesini M7RS and a full carbon body.

Braking power is provided by the calipers Brembo GP4RX with T-Drive discs. This latest creation, of course, has a price to match. Neither more nor less than 65,000 pounds. That is, some 76,050 euros. Our mouths are watering.

Ultimate YZF-R1 Crescent Yamaha

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