If you are looking for a motorcycle that makes you feel different, a Yamaha GTS1000 like this one is an interesting option

We don’t usually see many Yamaha GTS1000 for sale. That is why today we echo this example that we have learned about thanks to the colleagues at Bike Urious, and that is currently looking for a new home in the Marketplace section of Facebook, although the motorcycle is registered in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

As detailed in the advertisement itself: “This is a rare motorcycle. It has an unconventional front suspension, fuel injection, anti-lock brakes and a catalytic converter, all things well ahead of its time. I have a title and a key, I recently put a battery in with fresh fuel and the bike started fine at idle.”

And continues: “Today I took her for a short walk. Everything worked as it should for a 30 year old bike. It would be a great motorcycle project. It definitely draws attention. The price may go up when you start working on it. Put the bike on the center stand and change the gears. Clutch well.”

Yamaha GTS1000: A little history

The sale of this specific unit also encourages us to tell you a little about the history and main characteristics of the unit. GTS1000. Designed by James Parker, who died just a year ago, it remained in the Japanese brand’s offering from 1993 to 1999.

Yamaha GTS1000 for sale: "Nineties sports tourism"with a different touch

As you can imagine, what caught the most attention of the GTS1000 It was the front suspension kit that it equipped. Designed and developed in-house by Parker, RADD (Rationally Advanced Design Development), this stood out for separating the different elements of the suspension and steering.

It did so by incorporating a single arm anchored directly to the chassis and a shock absorber acting on it. As a curious fact, the GTS1000 It only had a front braking disc, since there was no possibility of installing another one on the side where the suspension worked.

Yamaha GTS1000 for sale: "Nineties sports tourism"with a different touch

Mechanically, it adopted the engine that equipped the FZR1000 EXUP of the time, although limited to only 102 HP of power. In addition, it became the brand’s first model to mount a catalyst in its exhaust system. In the first contact that the Cycle World colleagues made in 1993, they said about her:

“It exudes class and style, and with its optional hard-shell cases, it should be a consummate sport-tourer. The front end takes some getting used to, but it seems to run well and the engine is smooth and capable. Aside from the front swingarm suspension, the GTS is unremarkable in every way except price.”

Yamaha GTS1000 for sale: "Nineties sports tourism"with a different touch

These appreciations were reflected in the number of copies sold throughout its years of marketing. The Yamaha GTS1000 It was a failure in these terms and perhaps that is why today it is a frame that is increasingly appreciated by followers of the brand and lovers of the Old school.

By the way, you can consult all the information about the unit for sale here.

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