Honda has proposed a motorcycle with a foot accelerator. It seems crazy, but it makes perfect sense.

Can you imagine that your motorcycle equips a accelerator on the foot? Well, perhaps we can do it sooner than you imagine if we let ourselves be guided by the latest patent registration that Honda has presented with which it intends to revolutionize, particularly, the scooter segment.

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Honda foot accelerator What does it consist of?

To begin with, it must be said that, so far, no motorcycle model on the current market has a foot accelerator. That is why Honda’s idea is doubly novel and worth reviewing. A new system in which the brand is working and which aims to make driving easier in any circumstance.

We have seen it recently with the new E-Clutch, which we have been able to test thoroughly in our test of the new Honda CB650R equipped with this system. Now, with this foot accelerator, it goes one step further in terms of ergonomics and use. Basically, because contrary to what one may initially believe, the accelerator of one’s life would continue to be held in one’s right fist.

Sling "go deep" the accelerator in its latest patent registration

So what is the function of a second accelerator located on the platform where the feet rest? Well, according to the brand itself, this second foot accelerator would serve to rest your hand depending on the circumstances. It would make our longer trips easier, offering us extra comfort.

On the other hand, according to the data offered by the images of the patent registry, we would be looking at a newly manufactured scooter powered by hybrid technology, equipped with a combustion engine assisted by a second electric drive. The latter would come into operation exclusively at low speeds, with the consequent fuel savings.

Sling "go deep" the accelerator in its latest patent registration

In any case, we are only dealing with the registration of a new patent, so no one can ensure that it will finally become a reality. However, in recent times, Honda has opted for the development of new technologies that it constantly incorporates into its latest generation models. Who knows if the accelerator on the foot does not end up being one of them.

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