At last! Souo Motorcycles shows the 8-cylinder boxer engine that will equip its new models

The new 8 cylinder boxer engine of Great Wall Motors has been shown for the first time during the Beijing Motor Show 2024. A unique and very special moment for the powerful Chinese business group, which begins a new stage within the two-net sector with its next brand of motorcycles Souo Motorcycles.

This will be in just a few days. Specifically on May 17, 2024, when they make official the official launch of the brand and the two new models equipped with this 8 cylinder boxer engine. Something that we already told you recently when we showed you two test mules of the new 8-cylinder units from Great Wall Motor Company.

New 8-cylinder boxer engine: Unique in its class

Great Wall has opted for this mechanical architecture for its new mounts although, as we have previously mentioned, it shows a design very similar to that used by the 6-cylinder that powers Honda's Gold Wing. Like this one, it uses separate side radiators for cooling, and incorporates the gearbox just below the block.

The biggest technical difference we found between the new 8 cylinder boxer engine from Souo and Honda's six “perolos” are found on the cylinder heads. While the Japanese opt for a Uni-Cam type SOHC system, the Chinese mechanics use 2 camshafts through a DOHC system, although in both cases we find 4 valves per cylinder and a distribution chain for the internal drive.

Souo Motorcycles officially presents the 8-cylinder boxer engine that will equip its new models

On the other hand, we have the gearbox section, with a double clutch system, very similar to that used in Honda's six-cylinder. However, the design structure of the new 8 cylinder boxer engine de Souo has specific elements, such as different hydraulically operated parts anchored in the front and rear area of ​​the propeller itself.

In the same presentation of this unusual mechanism, the brand also offered some renderings of the silhouette of one of its new frames. Specifically, the touring variant, which appears to use a suspension system similar to the one fitted to the Honda Gold Wing. On the contrary, no details have been shown of the custom version that could also be presented within the same event where the brand will be announced.

Souo Motorcycles officially presents the 8-cylinder boxer engine that will equip its new models

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