nothing like traveling almost 1,600 km at the controls of 15 mopeds

Feel like a kid again”, perhaps this is the main idea that the organizers of “The Moped Route”which in 2024 fulfills its 6th edition. A week-long route in which 15 intrepid participantsat the controls of their classic mopeds, have traveled on this occasion about 1,600 kilometersthe distance there is between Vitoria and Portoround trip.

Like every year the Gasteizko Classic Clubwith Sergio Hierro as president, is in charge of organizing all the preparations so that this adventure comes to fruition.

Just before his departure, last Saturday, at the door of the Urko Taberna (Duke of Wellington), he commented to his colleagues from Noticias de Álava: “With the checkpoints we will cover approximately 1,600 kilometers.”

The spirit of adventure distinguishes The Moped Route every year

With an average speed below 50 km/h, it takes a week of travel to cover the distance between Vitoria and Porto. It must be taken into account that mechanical or any other unforeseen events may arise. But that is where the fun of the matter lies and the reason why, the 15 participants of The Moped Route, They take this little trip as a real adventure.

Since 2018 they have celebrated this annual event, keeping its structure unchanged, but enjoying other different destinations such as Santiago or Andorra. On this occasion the caravan that makes up The Moped Route 2024 He has visited places in our geography such as Verín (Orense) or Benavente (Zamora). Hierro commented: “Until Benavente we have not had rain, but we expect two or three stages of rain back to Vitoria.”

The only condition to participate in The Moped Route each year is to have a 49 cc air-cooled moped. Any fan who meets this requirement is welcome, whether male or female, young or old. Of course, we must be aware that: “Rare is the journey in which nothing happens. Waiting for a tow truck or trying to repair in a lost place is not unique in The Moped Route”concludes Sergio Hierro.

After a week of adventures, The Moped Route This weekend concluded with the awards ceremony at a brotherhood dinner for all the participants, looking forward to next year where if nothing changes they will return to make the route to Santiago.

The Moped Route 2024 Almost 1,600 km at the controls of 15 mopeds

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