Automobile clubs in Spain

The feeling of belonging was described by Maslow as “the human need for interpersonal connection and acceptance, in a privileged position in its hierarchy, just after the needs for food, clothing, shelter and physical safety.” In this order of things, we have to talk about all the fans in the world who belong or have belonged to a club or car clubs for the simple fact of feeling like a proud owner of your vehicle.

Since man and woman are man and woman and since the car is a car, the feeling of union and attachment to our favorite means of transportation goes beyond basic care and it is necessary that in this sum of love for the car let's talk about car clubs oldest in Spain.

Although this is even more typical of the world of two wheels, both worlds connect and it is not unusual to see how an MC teams up with a car club to promote competition. love for the road. This article is dedicated to all of you who carry with pride the insignia of your club and although we only treat a few, you have the comments to leave the name of your community if you want us to include it.

Spanish automobile clubs

The first national automobile associations were also born from the fervor and passion of the aristocratic elite of the time, who held ownership of the brand new automobiles of the time. These clubs emerged practically at the same time that the automotive industry showed its green shoots. If we go to Madrid, for example, the first headquarters of the select congregations were founded where motor enthusiasts met to discuss their cars. It is worth mentioning that at first, its members were gentlemen of notable influence and very proud of their vehicles, eager to explore the new frontiers that the emerging world of automobiles offered.

In the second half of the 20th century, new, more elitist associations emerged, sponsored by luxury car owners. These included the Aston Martin Owners Club, the Ferrari Owners Club, the Rolls Royce Owners Club and the Alfa Romeo Club; some of these groups maintained close ties with their international counterparts. Context explained, now we move on to talk about the most important ones.


Definitely one of the oldest in Spain Since its foundation dates back to 1903, the club's activity has transcended to focus on automotive services, road safety, tourism and automobile competitions. Along these lines, the RACE is recognized for its commitment to road safety and the promotion of motorsports in Spain, since, since its inception, the RACE has been at the forefront of the promotion of road safety and the promotion of motor sport. in Spain.

It has not only dedicated itself to offering roadside assistance services to its partners, but has also developed training programs in safe driving, thus contributing to the reduction of accidents and the improvement of road safety in the country. In addition to its commitment to safety, RACE plays a leading role in the organization of automobile competitionsboth nationally and internationally.

RACE has also been an active defender of sustainable mobility and has promoted initiatives for the adoption of electric vehicles and the reduction of polluting emissions. Likewise, he has participated in research and development projects of advanced technologies in the field of transportation and urban mobility.


The Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC) is a renowned institution in the history of Catalan and Spanish motor racing since its foundation in 1906. It emerged at a time of great effervescence in the industry, when vehicles began to transform the way in which people moved through the region. Since its inception, the RACC has stood out for its commitment to road safety and the promotion of motorsports in Catalonia. Has been pioneer in the introduction of security measures on the roads and has developed safe driving training programs, aimed at both novice and experienced drivers.

In addition to its work on safety, the RACC has been a key player in the organization of highly relevant automotive events such as the Catalonia Rally, which is part of the World Rally Championship (WRC). The RACC has also played a fundamental role in the defense of rights of motorists and in the promotion of sustainable mobility.

The RACC also joins the green movement in the automotive industry by advocating for the adoption of measures to reduce air pollution and has promoted the use of electric vehicles and other alternative means of transportation in the region. In addition to its work at the national and regional level, the RACC has also been a relevant actor at the international level, collaborating with other automobile institutions in the promotion of motor sport and road safety.

Classic car clubs

To name a couple of Clubs, we will talk first about the The Antic Car Club Catalunyaan emblematic association dedicated to preservation and promotion of classic cars in the region Catalonia. Founded with passion and dedication towards historic vehicles, this club provides a space for enthusiasts to share their love of vintage automobiles. They organize a wide variety of events, from exhibitions to meet-ups, allowing classic car owners and admirers to come together and share their experiences. In addition, the club plays an important role in the conservation of Catalan automotive heritage, thus helping to keep automotive culture alive in the region.

On the other hand, Friends of classic cars is an equally prominent association in Spain, dedicated to bringing together fans and owners of classic cars throughout the country. More than a simple group, this club has become a passionate community who shares a deep love for vintage automobiles. Through events, outings and activities, Friends of Classic Cars offers its members the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and history of these vehicles. His commitment to the preservation and enjoyment of classic cars has contributed to keeping alive the passion for vintage motorsports in Spain.

Model Specific Clubs

Whether it is a club dedicated to the BMW E39, a model to which we dedicate a video or to the legendary 2CV, in Spain there are dedicated Clubs throughout our geography and as an example you have this wonderful compilation of Clubs that we have found in which there are 340 registered clubs by province. dedicated mostly to Jewelry on Wheels. These somewhat more minority and local clubs are just as select as the larger ones since with fewer members an equally great passion is fostered for models such as the 1929 Buicks, the 600 or the E39 itself.

Little more to tell you about these clubs that we don't already know: proud owners of very well cared for cars that are part of our history. If you belong to one and you feel proud of it, write to us and we will add it 😉

Happy drivers

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