Benda’s LFC 700 arrives at dealerships and we already know its price and final details

Benda has recently announced the arrival of his new LFC 700 to a good part of the European dealers. What is still not clear is whether it will be the standard variant or the new Pro version, presented at the last Beijing Motorcycle Show 2024, that will be marketed on our continent. Nor if the brand will offer its two different power configurations.

Benda LFC 700: Four years to get here

It was in the summer of 2020 when we first heard about the project in which Benda was developing its new LFC 700. Back then, under the initials Benda BD700, we found what looked like a Diavel-looking power cruiser with a four-cylinder engine based on that of the Honda CB650.

A few months later, the LF-01 prototype would appear, presented at the CIMA show that same year, which already adopted shapes quite similar to what would later become the definitive model. This would arrive the following summer and be shown to the media at the China International Motorcycle Exhibition. Already then the possibility of his arrival in Europe was being considered.

Benda LFC 700 2024: Highlights

In technical and dynamic terms, the LFC 700 It stands out for having a four-cylinder in-line engine, water-cooled and with a 16-valve cylinder head. It is offered in two power versions with 79 HP at 10,000 rpm and 60 Nm at 8,000 rpm in the standard variant and a “Full-Power” version that raises these figures to 94 HP of power at 11,000 rpm and 63 Nm of maximum torque at 8,500 rpm.

The chassis is made up of a tubular steel frame supported by an inverted front fork and a rear monoshock. For braking, the LFC 700 uses a double disc on the front axle and a third one anchored to the rear wheel, actuated by Brembo calipers and assisted by an ABS system.

Its team of wheels and tires in size stands out. 130/70 R19 in front and 310/35 R18 behind. The Pro version reduces the rear tire section by 10 mm. The brand declares a curb weight of 287kg, including the 17 liters of fuel that its tank can hold. However, it is capable of achieving the 160 km/h in the basic version and up 195 km/h in the Pro variant.

Benda's new LFC 700 arrives at European dealerships

Benda LFC 700 2024: It is now possible to reserve the model

Now the brand has given the OK for the LFC 700 to be marketed in some countries in the Eurozone, including Spain. With a price that starts from 10,990 eurosinitially it seems that the 94 hp Full Power version will not be available, at least in our country, although its arrival is expected in the next few months. According to the German media Motorrad Online, this variant will be available in German dealerships.

What is not entirely clear is whether the 2024 Benda LFC 700, in Pro version, will be available in Europe for the time being. The brand has just launched this variant on the Chinese market and, unlike the standard model sold until now, it comes equipped with a series of truly exotic equipment elements never before seen on a motorcycle in its category and segment.

Benda's new LFC 700 arrives at European dealerships

As we already mentioned, this version announces new and interesting improvements, including deployable side auxiliary lighting, electronically adjustable suspension and a noticeably narrower rear tire.

With a price that starts in China from 46,800 yuan, 5,988 euros at the exchange ratethis LFC 700 Pro is expected to arrive in our country before the end of the year and even a second variant intended for owners of the current A2.

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