Beware of the giant Ola Electric. Your first “motorcycle” will arrive in 2026 and will be revolutionary

Wave Electric, the electric vehicle manufacturer based in Bengaluru (India), will present its first electric motorcycle in the first half of next year and exclusively at first for its local market. Unfortunately, we still do not even know its definitive name.

In preliminary documents for its initial public offering, the company stated: “We hope to begin delivery of the motorcycles in the first half of fiscal year 2026«. Furthermore, the company noted: «We plan to expand our product portfolio to include mass-market motorcycles, targeting a broader range of consumers with diverse product types and price points.«.

Let us remember that, not long ago, Wave Electric revealed the Roadster, Diamondhead, Cruiser and Adventure concepts, each attacking a different segment. Now, we know that the brand will announce the exact launch dates in August 2024.

The mechanical details and feature list of the new models are yet to be revealed, although the production versions are likely to resemble conceptual electric motorcycles and compete strongly with the futuristic bikes available in the Indian market. Besides, Wave Electric has patented its removable/interchangeable electric battery and the designs of three upcoming electric motorcycles, as we already told you not too long ago.

Wave Electric

Details of the Ola Electric that is yet to come

When launched, the world’s first electric motorcycle Wave will compete with models like the Ultraviolette F77 and the Revolt RV400. Wave currently competes with Bajaj AutoTVS Engine and Ather. The brand offers three electric scooters: S1 Pro, S1 Air and S1X. He S1X It is available in three variants with battery capacities from 2 kWh to 4 kWh.

Wave Electric

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