4 days is what you need to upset a Speed ​​Twin and turn it into a 160 HP preparation this beast

The Triumph Speed ​​Twin What we bring you on this occasion is, to say the least, unique. It is a supercharged creation from the specialist in Triumph Bristol-based Martin Motorcycle Co (MMC). By the way, it was built in just four days for the Bike Shed London Show. Yes, they came a little close to the event.

As information, the creators of this Speed ​​Twin They have set the engine torque at 157.27 Nm and say that the maximum power is 160 HP. Not bad figures for the British parallel twin.

Alex Martindeclared: “For some time now I have wanted to create a muscular motorcycle. I received a call asking if I wanted to attend this year’s Bike Shed London Show. I actually didn’t have anything built when they asked me, so I ended up working from 7 am to midnight, four days in a row with the help of one of our technicians, just to finish it. The first time we started it was at 11:00 at night the day before the event«.

Secrets of the Triumph Speed ​​Twin MMC

The 4,824-pound MMC Rotrex C15-60 supercharger 5,709 euros), came from TTS Performance and offers a «fantastic response and acceleration«. It is not for less. However, the increase in power is not the only thing that makes this Triumph It is special, and although it was transformed in record time, it has a perfect finish.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin MMC

MMC fabricated a stainless steel exhaust for the occasion, as did the tank and body panels, which now sport a rather sophisticated paint finish. The rear has shock absorbers YSS improved and the front fork has been equipped with internal components Ohlins.

Martin He also modified the rear subframe by shortening the assembly and powder-coated several parts, including the swingarm and supercharger. He also added a custom headlight and, to top off the construction, some carbon fiber to gain lightness. We love the front, of course.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin MMC

«The plan was to build a really nice, road-legal muscle bike. Not a machine that cannot be driven or enjoyed“, said Martin. «And that’s exactly what it is, we haven’t compromised on rideability at all, you can mount it literally anywhere«.

As we have learned, this Triumph It has raised a lot of interest and several people have contacted MMC to try to buy it, although it is not for sale. «However, I would definitely build another one if there is that much interest«added its creator.

Triumph Speed ​​Twin MMC

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