BMW CE 02 test

BMW CE 02 test: Introduction, positioning and rivals

The new one BMW CE 02 breaks with the traditional categories of motorcycle or scooter. It goes beyond the usual stereotypes, seeking to maximize urban electric mobility in a clean and accessible way for everyone.

This electric car attracts attention as soon as it sees it. That's clear. It is a small motorcycle in two variants (equivalent to 50 and 125 cc), with a good frame, compact, light, with a good cycle part and, as is obvious, a fun, minimalist and urban spirit.

Of course, all this at a relatively high price. But hey, that's what premium brands like bmw. However one thing is clear. The BMW CE 02 that leave the dealerships will delight their owners, we have no doubt about this.

The main differences between the 2 versions are the battery configuration, power and speed. The AM card version has a single battery, instead of two. This means that it weighs less, the power is 4 kW and the maximum speed has been limited to 45 km/h.

This is a proposal that seeks to make the most of the benefits of electric mobility, offering clean trips with a compact and very easy-to-drive vehicle. In addition, it is economical to maintain.

It is clear, the new BMW CE 02 It is a light electric motorcycle (it only weighs 132 kg) and 100% urban. In fact, it will only be sold in the brand's official dealerships as a moped (AM license) or as a 125 (A1 and B license with 3 years of experience) and with a range, in the best case, of 90 km. As we can see, its character is completely urban.

BMW CE 02 2024

BMW CE 02 test: Features

As for the technical characteristics of BMW's second electric motorcycle, of course, it has some quite interesting ones. Let's review: The electric motor can reach a maximum power of 11 kW (15 HP), although the nominal power is 6 kW, or 3.2 kW in the moped version. It uses a 48 V, 1.96 kWh battery, although in the A1 version it mounts two units, doubling the capacity to almost 4 kWh. The declared consumption is 6 kWh per 100 km, which gives a range of about 80 or 90 km.

The electric drive is located in the steel tube chassis and has an ingenious transmission with two toothed belts and an intermediate shaft, right where the swingarm axle is. It uses a preload-adjustable rear shock absorber and an inverted front fork, both elements calibrated quite rigid. The cycle part is completed with 14-inch wheels with a lenticular design and shod with tires. Michelin City Grip in measurements 120/80 at the front and 150/70 at the rear.

BMW CE 02 2024

As for the equipment, at first glance a tiny, but ultra-efficient, TFT screen with full connectivity that adorns the driving position and a slightly oversized Keyless key stand out. On the other hand, curiously, we only have ABS on the front wheel. Yes, you read it right. The rear does not have this security system. And, although you might think that it is a negative point of this compact frame, you are wrong. It transforms it into a motorcycle that is as fun as it is striking and easy to control. Sometimes I thought I was riding my old BMX bike. What good memories! Yes, the back locks easily for more fun.

In the electronic section, the most basic version has two driving modes. In the case of the HighLine version, the most equipped and which we were able to test in the capital of Spain, there are three driving modes. The modes change the acceleration response and the level of regenerative braking when you release the accelerator. By the way, the BMW CE 02 They include an always efficient reverse gear.

BMW CE 02 2024

BMW CE 02 test: Driving modes

  • flow: It is the normal mode. Maximizes the battery with each hold or brake
  • Surf: Accelerates less and does not hold or recharge
  • Flash: Accelerate more, retain and recharge to the maximum just by cutting off the gas.

On the small scoreboard, a bar in the box indicates what is happening with the power at all times. As for charging, the charger is not integrated into the motorcycle. In fact, it is a separate case that includes everything necessary to recharge. Since there is no space to carry it in the vehicle, bmw has designed an optional modern backpack to transport it that, in total, weighs about 6 kg. In addition to being useful for quick recharges, you won't always have to carry it with you. If you are looking for a lightweight and compact solution, this seems to be an ideal shape.

BMW CE 02 2024

BMW CE 02 test: how is it going?

The first thing we want to say is that the BMW CE 02 He moves around the city like a fish in water. Plus, it draws attention, that's clear. And on top of that, because the rear wheel locks easily, we still raise even more glances and smiles as we ride. Driving around with it is, to say the least, and we will not tire of affirming, fun.

On the other hand, it is clear that its minimalist design is a clear success, we like it a lot. The feel of the accelerator is exquisite, smooth and precise if you want it, or agile and fast. In fact, it accelerates quickly between traffic lights. The behavior is very agile and direct, at the cost of somewhat harsh suspensions, but we think it is better this way. The seat is somewhat hard, but not too hard.

BMW CE 02 2024

The tires and wheels are scooter tires. But be careful, most scooters would like to have this precision and rigidity. In exchange, the BMW CE02 on a somewhat nervous motorcycle at high speed, also due to the light weight of the front axle. But of course, that is not the usual use for which it is designed, since at high speed (from 85 km/h) the battery will discharge quickly. Of course, we were able to see how it happily exceeds this speed and easily reaches the official 95 km/h.

As we told you before, the seat is a bit hard. But of course, it is not designed for excessively long journeys in which the seat is an essential element of driving comfort. On half-hour trips, like the ones we made, the butt doesn't suffer too much.

By the way, and as it could not be otherwise, bmw It offers many accessories and options, including to improve practicality, a very cool side backpack and rear trunk. Another oddity is that we have two sets of footpegs, both articulated with springs, the first ones in front and some for a passenger, or to place the feet if you want to adopt a more dynamic posture.

BMW CE 02 2024

However, the price can be an obstacle for many young people. It is, as we mentioned at the beginning, high. Although it is intended for a young audience, it is for wealthy young people.

From 7,425 euros the moped version, 8,425 euros the A1, and even 9,408 euros the Highline A1. Yes indeed, bmw It offers them with a discount of 1,000 euros and comfortable financing from 69 euros per month. Still, it's quite a bit of money. But all whims have a price.

BMW CE 02 2024

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