What is faster downhill, an enduro motorcycle or a mountain bike?

Surely, while zapping or compulsively watching videos with your mobile, you have come across downhill cycling. Spectacular, technical, fast, dangerous… it may be the discipline that is most similar to motorcycles. But what would happen if we faced a motorcycle and a downhill bike? Which of the two would be faster?

Well, that same question has been asked by the marketing department of the bull drink (not Osborne, the Austrian one), and they have decided that the best way to resolve doubts was to confront them.

So they went to the Dyfi Valley, in Wales, to face two stars each from their sport. On the one hand, no introduction is necessary, Jonny Walker (with and because he is the one with motorcycles, not the one with whiskey) at the controls of his Beta, and on the other Jono Jones. If Walker is a legend in enduro and extreme enduro, Jones is a legend in extreme cycling.

The fact is that the two faced the Red Bull Hardline, the so-called toughest downhill race in the world and which this beginning of June celebrates its tenth edition. Endless jumps, twisty areas, techniques…

The bike may have an advantage on the descent… But only in some sections

In principle one may think that the motorcycle has an advantage. At the end of the day, more than 50 HP pushing and a dream cycle part must be enough. But, on the other hand, the agility of the bicycle in the most technical parts and on the most impressive slopes can make the difference.

In fact, and although Walker is more than used to immense challenges, some of these jumps require a lot of patience, technique and courage. The fact is that after training part of the route separately with ramps included, the moment of truth arrived: the descent.

The times have been improving over the years and the record is at two minutes and twenty seconds. Could Mr. Walker handle him? You better watch the video and find out. You might be in for a surprise… or not?

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