BYD will not manufacture electric motorcycles… for now

BYD It has established itself, over the last few years, as one of the giants in vehicle manufacturing on a global level. But while you may not be familiar with this Chinese factory, clearly, this is because they are just starting to expand into certain regions of Europe. Still, little by little, this is changing.

Although they are one of the largest producers in one of the largest markets, there has been quite a bit of speculation recently about their possible entry into electric motorcycle manufacturing.

The BYD brand itself has denied the rumors

These rumors began to circulate after the dissemination of several videos, unofficial and on social networks, that highlighted the economic advantages of owning a motorcycle. BYD. By the way, advantages that are not true, since, in reality, it does not yet exist and has not been developed or tested by the company.

As we are telling you, these conjectures have been officially denied by Li YunfeiGeneral Manager of Brand and Public Relations Department of BYD Group, who stated that any rumors about two-wheelers associated with the brand are completely “unfounded and false«.

BYD electric motorcycles

Although in recent years we have seen fewer traditional automakers considering a transition to two wheels, the push to electrify transportation could be accelerating the possibility of these manufacturers opting to produce EV motorcycles. The inclusion of electric cars and motorcycles has clearly transformed the world of transportation. And this has only just begun.

In this new approach, that is, purchasing an electric motorcycle, it becomes less a decision based on emotionality, speed or performance, and more on autonomy, recharging time and cost. That life is more expensive every day.

BYD electric motorcycles

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