The new Honda CR450R 2025 promises a trip back in time

We are in May and that implies that motorcycle brands are either with the 2025 motocross bikes about to come out of the oven, or they already have them out like KTM. In the case of the Japanese, they always arrive at the beginning of summer, but we already have some news about the 2025 Honda CR450R.

The beast of the Japanese manufacturer's premier category will change for next year. But that does not mean that the 2025 Honda CR450R will be a revolution, but rather it is an evolution of the current model, fine-tuning to enhance its virtues and minimize the disadvantages it may have compared to the competition.

In this case we can say, from the leaked designs, that the 2025 Honda CR450R will follow the aesthetic line that we have seen in the 2024 model. As for aesthetics, we are talking about lines that follow the concept of minimalism that is so fashionable. currently, sharpening the line even more in the area of ​​the front fins.

But there is a very important retro touch in these fins, and these designs show us two openings in them that remind us in a very obvious way of the CR of the 80s.

The side plates also seem different from those of the current model and although the design is in black white, everything seems to indicate that they could be integrated with the rear fender, while the air filter box would be more visible. These changes do not seem to affect the subframe, since the anchoring to the tubes can be clearly seen in the same usual position.

Technical changes in the Honda CR450R 2025

Where there is a subtle change, but which may be more important than we might think, is in the chassis where two new anchors appear just under the seat. And that can imply substantial changes that are not seen, but are noticeable on the track.

Apparently they do not affect the measurements or geometry of the motorcycle, and although we will have to wait for its official presentation to have more details, these types of variations usually affect the rigidity of the motorcycle.

The same thing happens with the engine and there are no details about possible changes that we can see with the naked eye. But that does not mean that there is not, and that Honda has made internal changes to the engine of the Honda CR450R 2025, which can give it more power, different engine response… The same thing happens with the electronics and the rest of components.

The changes compared to 2024 are evident, although more technical variations are expected

The countdown to discover the new model is already underway. Now we just have to wait for Honda to present it to us. What is clear is that they have decided that in addition to flying high, the new CR evokes past times.

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