Cake Motorcycles returns after announcing bankruptcy last February

Last February we found the sad news of the financial bankruptcy of Cake Motorcycles. So Stefan YtterbornCEO and founder of Cake, commented: “The brand has self-imposed to accelerate towards a zero-emissions society, combining emotion with responsibility, and in this sense the sports scene has enormous potential to convey this message.”

And he continued: “This initiative is crucial to having the ability to beat traditional motorcycles on their own turf, becoming a clear start to even looking at, considering and being able to get your first electric racing machine.”

Cake Motorcycles is reborn from its ashes

Just four months after that setback for the Swedish company, it seems that its luck has changed and that it is returning to activity again. Likewise, several international media have confirmed this after echoing the statement issued by Espen Digernesowner of the Norwegian business group Brages Holding ASwhich has taken over the assets of Cake Motorcycles:

“As a car retailer in Norway, we have witnessed how fast the shift to electrification can be when people put their mind to it. Now, we believe that the transformation in the micromobility sector will also accelerate. Not only for motorcycles, but also for scooters, mopeds and electric bicycles. When we first connected with Cake as a retailer, we fell in love with their products, the design, the craftsmanship and the story behind Cake.”

Cake Motorcycles returns to the 2-wheeled sector after announcing bankruptcy last February

Brages Holding AS is currently the official distributor of Toyota and Lexus in Norway, and firmly believes in the electrification of the vehicle fleet. Currently, electric vehicles hold 82% of the country’s market share, so the acquisition of Cake Motorcycles is a clear commitment to the future by this company.

Although it is not clear what the path to follow for Cake Motorcycles will be from now on, the new owners have confirmed that a good part of the team that made up the previous stage will continue in this new era. Among them, Petra Farmtechnical director until the announcement of economic bankruptcy in February.

Cake Motorcycles returns to the 2-wheeled sector after announcing bankruptcy last February

She commented that: “Cake’s original journey was on the brink of success. However, there was obviously a need to pivot in certain strategic areas, and I believe there is now great potential in making these changes to turn Cake into a profitable business.”

For now, the brand has reopened both the original headquarters and the Stockholm store where they sold their frames. In fact, the motorcycles produced up to the time of closure are once again on sale on the brand’s official website.

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