Cyber ​​X, the preparation with which Yamaha and Fatboy Design have made us crazy

This same year, yamaha Thailand has collaborated with the workshop Fatboy Design to present a new and exciting model to society, the Cyber. This motorcycle, a modified version of the Yamaha XSR155 (frame twinned with the XSR125), has adopted the distinctive and fascinating stylistic concept of Cyber ​​Punk in its design.

Furthermore, it not only challenges the limits of traditional custom vehicles, but also offers a stunning and dazzling visual impact. In fact, it doesn't look like anything, or almost anything.

The preparatory workshop fatboy design It is distinguished by its futuristic approach and innovation in its designs. Now in Cyberand using an abundant amount of metallic materials and refined spray painting techniques, they have managed to project a marked industrial style, very much in the taste of the apocalyptic Cyber ​​Punk style.

This is the Yamaha Cyber

The completely covered bodywork evokes an avant-garde feeling, anticipating the possible appearance of the motorcycles of tomorrow. The exhaust system design is notably aggressive, along with an improved braking system and handcrafted wheels, designed to minimize wind resistance. Of course, this motorcycle stands out for its uniqueness.

Yamaha Cyber ​​X

Under the angular and firm lines of the entire structure of the motorcycle, the design of the seat offers a surprising contrast with careful stitching that adds a touch of comfort, balancing the cold metallic aesthetic of the rest of the preparation. It is clear that comfort is a fundamental aspect.

The Cyber of yamaha and Fatboy DesignClearly, it is more than a custom motorcycle, it is a manifestation of innovation and futuristic spirit. This vehicle is not simply a motorcycle, but a work of art on two wheels that explores the limitless possibilities of the future, capturing the imagination and setting new standards in design.

Yamaha Cyber ​​X

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