Zeway begins operating in our country with its network of battery exchange stations

The French company Zeway lands in Spain, starting with Madrid, after 3 years in the French market and having expanded from Paris to cities such as Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux and Nice. This company presents a pioneering concept of sustainable urban mobility unique in Europe.

It stands out for its rental service of electric motorcycles with interchangeable batteries at exchange stations. These allow the user to change the used battery for a fully recharged one. in less than 50 secondsa concept that they have coined internally under the name swap.

Zeway and his pioneering method

Urban growth has led to a significant increase in traffic congestion and problems related to air pollution. Zeway electric motorcycles offer a solution thanks to the fact that their electric motorcycles are zero emission, so they can access any location in the city.

Zeway has created a pioneering method in which batteries are exchanged with a maximum speed of 50 seconds. The most notable point of this innovative urban mobility service is its battery, which is light and can be exchanged for another at change stations in less than a minute, in an intuitive and simple way.

Zeway begins operating in our country with its network of battery exchange stations

These charging stations are conveniently distributed in strategic locations in Madrid, which makes parking the motorcycle easier and more comfortable during this process. In Madrid alone, Zeway plans to place up to 20 battery changing stations in the short term, and in the future they plan to increase to 40.

However, the user will also have the possibility of having their own charging base at home if they wish. The rental of Zeway electric motorcycles is an exclusive monthly subscription. Each user enjoys their personal unit, which they can use on their daily trips, guaranteeing its exclusivity and availability throughout the month.

Zeway begins operating in our country with its network of battery exchange stations

In addition, they have contracts with or without permanence that cover both maintenance and insurance. Exclusively enjoying the motorcycle brings significant advantages, such as the possibility of ensuring optimal long-term maintenance. In addition, the need to look for transportation at times of high traffic in the city is avoided.

Zeway is working on a collaboration agreement with the Madrid City Council to install its network of stations in the city's public markets. The first to open will be the Peace Market.

Zeway begins operating in our country with its network of battery exchange stations

Other locations where users will be able to find the services of these exchange stations will be in various public parking lots, service stations, First Stop points, and new locations soon.

Zeway's electric motorcycle rental service is now available in Madrid for an initial price starting at 139 euros per month. All information about prices, 4 models of electric motorcycles availableand test requests for these vehicles can be obtained through the brand's official website.

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