If you have a Citroën C3 or a DS 3 from the last decade you must go to the workshop

There are few scandals in the automotive sector as big as that of the Takata airbag. Millions of cars came out with these defective components that jeopardized the safety of the users who drove them. So much so, that it continues to affect many vehicles and that, from time to time, we see calls for massive revisions. The last one stars the Citroën C3 and DS 3 manufactured during the past decade. Stellantis has urged owners of affected cars to stop driving them and go straight to the workshop.

In Spain they are nothing less than 66,000 units It is these two models that could present these deterioration problems in the airbags. It is said that these are those units that were manufactured between 2009 and 2019, with around 60,000 Citroën C3s affected and around 6,000 units of the DS 3. It must be taken into account that both They are practically the same modelsince it just coincided with the time when the Citroën DS3 was released and later the sub-brand was created so that there was greater differentiation.

These models are added to the more than 500,000 units affected in our area and the brand does not want there to be consequences. That is why he urges drivers to ” stop driving these vehicles immediately” and to “carry out the necessary repairs as soon as possible.” A website has already been enabled for users to check if their cars are among those affected, while at the same time it has been sent a letter to all clients. Of course, the replacement of the airbag will be free of charge and facilities will be provided.

Citroën and DS talk about alternative mobility options, if necessary, so that they can continue moving during the repair. In any case, it is supposed to be something simple that could be done in a few hours. In the end it consists of replacing the defective Takata airbag with a working one. The risk of maintaining this component consists of a possible deterioration of some chemicals present in the inflation system of these airbags. In the event of an accident, the bag could deploy with too much force, which could cause serious injury or even death to users.

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