The new Bruzer 125, the first motorcycle powered by CNG, already has an official launch datelaunch-date-bajaj-bruzer-125

The new one Bajaj Bruzer 125 It already has a market launch date: next June 18. Just two months ago, Bajaj Auto offered us the first information about its future bike powered by a CNG fuel system, making it the first registered motorcycle in the world to use this type of technology.

Now from Ride Apart they confirm that the future Bruzer 125 It will start its commercial stage in just a few weeks, and before this happens they offer us some interesting information about what to expect from the model, as well as several new images of a test mule in full action.

Bajaj Bruzer 125, debuting a new segment

Last March, we were aware of some of Bajaj's plans within the two-wheeled segment, and among them included the launch of one or several mounts powered by liquefied gas, to compete with the popular local 100 and 110cc. Already then, a test mule, based on the popular Bajaj Platina, offered us the first clues as to where the shots would go.

Later, we learned that Bajaj was definitely working on 2 new CNG-powered models. Some images from the patent registry showed us the advances made by the Indian giant in this field, including a silhouette very similar to that of the future Bruzer 125.

Finally, just a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that Bajaj's first CNG motorcycle would begin to be marketed next June, although no exact details were given about the date chosen by the brand for its official launch. So, Rajiv BajajCEO of the company, argued that:

“Sales of CNG-powered cars, within the company itself, already represent 27% of total sales. This, extrapolated to the motorcycle sector, estimates that it could become the marketing of around 20,000 monthly units of models that use this technology.”

Bajaj Bruzer 125 Release Date

At this point, there are still a few weeks left for the Bruzer 125 is presented in society, we know that its engine would ultimately be air-cooled, offering maximum power around the 10 hp. The main idea of ​​this project is to develop a motorcycle, not only economical in terms of use, but also when purchasing it.

For this reason, Bajaj will possibly give up incorporating dynamic elements that increase its price. According to the company itself, the use of CNG in its Bruzer 125 It could reduce the general costs that ultimately affect the user by up to 65%.

Bajaj Bruzer 125 Release Date

They also provide figures regarding pollution, ensuring that CO₂ emissions would be reduced by 50% compared to a standard 125 cc, and carbon monoxide emissions by 75%.

If we add to all this its final price, around 850/900 euros To change, surely, this Bruzer 125 It will be the main option for many of the customers who trust Bajaj in the different markets where it operates.

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