Is this the best ad we have seen to sell a motorcycle?

When selling a motorcycle you have to take into account different factors, but until you find a buyer you have to attract attention in the best way possible. For that and thanks to the opportunities that the network provides us, we have multiple platforms on which to advertise our machine.

But what happens? Well, like the entire network, buying and selling ads and the applications that are dedicated to this are saturated with offers. You look to one side, pam, a motorcycle, to the other, pam, a helmet, beyond that a back protector… And you had only gone in to gossip about your neighbor, who had told you that he was selling his Variant…

The fact is that in order to stand out, in addition to having a motorcycle that is worth buying, you need to be creative. Obviously, the motorcycle has a good appearance, the consumables such as brakes, tires, drag kit… still have a long life ahead of them, the advertisement must be worked on.

Selling a motorcycle can become a masterpiece

But, of course, working on the ad involves using your imagination and also preparing some good photos. And in the end… we all try to do the same thing, so standing out is not so easy unless you have the talent of this salesman, who is trying to sell a very special motorcycle, at least for him and, at least, for what he says. in your ad.

We virtually travel to the London buying and selling market, where a user has mastered the game of advertising his motorcycle in a sublime way. It's not that he has prepared a long, descriptive text in which he tells us that the bike is up to date, costs £1,600 and has everything you need.

It is essential that the motorcycle paint well

He has done all that, but he has also used humor and evoking perfume brands, not only does he sell the motorcycle, he sells the experience, the sensations, what that motorcycle is going to turn you into when you ride it.

For now it doesn't seem to have worked and although the bike is in the United Kingdom, it is worth taking a look at such a great advertisement that allows itself to start like this:

“Ah, Ducati. The name alone conjures up images of thrilling, expensive, exotic race-winning machines, red flashes of beautifully handcrafted motorcycles hurtling headlong down the mountain passes of the Dolomites at terrifying speed.

Except you're in London, on the A12, in the rain and you're late for your office job. And you're riding a Ducati 600ss, not a 900. Or even a 750. It's also the wrong color. “Christ!” You think, “I should have bought a Gladius.”

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