Do you know what type of brake discs there are? Which ones are suitable for your motorcycle?

The current range of brake discs offered by the Spanish firm NG Brakes provides us with a wide range of possibilities depending on the needs of each segment and of course the user. An example of this are the floating discs for sports bikes, thanks to its mechanism that reduces vibrations, or oversized to enter the circuit, which increase braking power, while the perforated and the lobed They are perfect for avoiding overheating.

The experience accumulated by NG Brakes since its foundation in 1969 is now translated into a wide range of products. Today we want to analyse the different types of brake discs that it manufactures, and their usefulness and advantages. We will start from the basis that the most common and well-known brake discs are those that consist of a perforated steel disc that is mounted on the axles of the motorcycle.

It works in conjunction with a brake caliper with one or more brake pads which, when the lever is actuated, press against the disc to progressively brake the wheel in a constant and safe manner. The technology used today in the two-wheel sector has contributed to the evolution of this component, creating new and varied types that adapt to the specific needs of each rider and improve the performance of their bike.

Perforated brake discs

Perforated brake discs are distinguished, as their name suggests, by having perforations along their surface to dissipate heat more efficiently, improving braking in all conditions. In addition, the perforations in the disc help to remove any water or debris, which is very beneficial in rainy conditions.

Innovation and performance in a wide range loaded with options

Floating brake discs

Floating brake discs are characterised by being built in two parts: an internal part, which is anchored to the motorcycle rim, and an external part, which is in contact with the calipers. These parts are separated by millimetres to allow limited axial movement, which corrects the small misalignments that can occur during braking between the caliper and the disc.

This reduces vibrations and improves feel, in turn significantly improving performance, especially in extreme conditions. These models are useful and common in sports motorcycles, since their advanced design reduces the risk of deformation, even when there is an increase in temperature, and guarantees more precise and effective braking.

Innovation and performance in a wide range loaded with options

Oversized brake discs

For those who often enter the circuit with their motorcycle, the best option is oversized brake discs. They are so called because they have a larger diameter than the stock discs, which provides them with superior braking power. This is because its larger size increases the distance between the disc axle and the wheel, allowing for greater braking force.

Lobed brake discs

Lobed discs are characterized by their wavy or cut-out shape. This causes the outside of the disc to not always be in contact with the caliper, generating a “seesaw” effect, which helps prevent overheating.

Innovation and performance in a wide range loaded with options

For more information and details about all the types of brake discs that NG Brakes currently has, you can visit its official website or any of the authorized distributors with which the Catalan firm works in our country.

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