Do you want more features on your scooter? Thanks to Polini, it is very easy to give it that spicier touch

Polini is an Italian brand known to everyone thanks to its dedication to manufacturing high-performance accessories and parts for motorcycles and scooters.

Founded in 1945 by Battista Polini In Bergamo, Italy, the company began as a small workshop specializing in bicycle repair and manufacturing. Over time, and thanks to his experience, Polini expanded and has become one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle and scooter components in Italy and around the world. In fact, they manufacture for almost all brands on the market, Vespa, Sling, yamaha, Suzuki, KYMCO, SYM

One of the highlights of the brand Polini is its clear focus on innovation and performance. The brand has developed a wide range of products, including cylinders, pistons, exhaust systems, traction controllers and other high-quality components designed to improve performance and driving experience. Of course, all products have been tested very meticulously. Whether in competition, test benches or road tests.

In addition to its high-performance products, Polini also manufactures a wide variety of motorcycle accessories and equipment, including helmets, gloves, jackets and other products designed to improve rider safety and comfort.


Of course, Polini It is also known for its extensive participation in motorcycle competitions, where its products have been used in various disciplines. From drag racing, scooters, minibikes, to motocross and endurance racing. This involvement in the racing world has contributed to the reputation of Polini as a brand associated with quality and performance.

In fact, it has an extensive history of participation in competitions, where it has demonstrated its ability to produce high-performance components that can compete in some of the most demanding events in the world.


Polini in the world of competition

Speed ​​races: Polini He has participated in a wide variety of speed races, both on asphalt circuits and on ovals. His products, such as high-performance cylinders, exhaust systems and variators, have been used by teams and riders in different categories, from small-displacement motorcycle racing to superbike competitions.

Motocross and Enduro: Polini He has also left his mark in the world of motocross and enduro. Its cylinders and exhaust systems have been used by pilots in off-road competitions, where reliability and performance are essential for success.


drag racing: In long-duration events, such as endurance racing, reliability is crucial. The products of Polini They have proven to be able to withstand the extreme demands of these competitions, where durability and performance are equally important.

scooter racing: Polini It has also participated in competitions dedicated to scooters, where it has developed specific components to improve the performance of these two-wheeled vehicles, initially urban ones. These competitions often include tests of speed, endurance and technical skill.


In each of these disciplines, Polini has used its engineering and manufacturing expertise to develop products that can deliver superior performance in the demanding racing environment. This participation in competitions has contributed to the continuous development of the brand and has demonstrated the quality and reliability of its products in extreme conditions.

What Polini products can I mount on my scooter?

Polini has specific parts for countless models on the market. Of course, all of them increase the efficiency of the scooter in question. Whether they are: Carburetor needles, shock absorbers and spare parts, water pumps, reed intakes, clutches, spark plug pipes and cables.

Carburetors, crankshafts, bearings, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, belts, cylinder heads, brake discs and pads, CDI ignitions, exhausts, air, oil and gasoline filters, cylinders, variator rollers, variators, transmissions…

As we can see, the list of components is endless and, in addition, the brands with which we can equip a product Polini They are almost all. Not to mention, all of them.


Examples of Polini products for different factories

  • NDE for Piaggio and Vespa 50 cc 4T 3V IGET EURO 5 by 307.37 euros.
  • Tachometer with 2 engine temperatures for KYMCO AK 550 per 152.93 euros.
  • Brake pads for Sling Silver Wing by 14.96 euros.
  • Complete variator for bmw C 600 Sport by 251.36 euros.
  • Water temperature sensor for yamaha Aerox 50 2T H2O by 28.78 euros.
  • Exhaust system Peugeot Metropolis 400 per 477.13 euros.

In summary, Polini is a revered Italian brand in the world of motorcycles and scooters, recognized for its focus on quality, innovation and performance in the manufacturing of motorcycle accessories and components.

In the end, scooters are citizens and, thanks to Poliniyou can get a little more joy out of them, get a spicier touch and, above all, gain more fun, features and give it a fun approach with a racing touch.


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