Sheriff's deputy accused of being a member of the Mongols for years

The roots of illegal North American motorcycle gangs, such as the Mongols, are intertwined with the history of two wheels in America, often colliding forcefully and violently with law enforcement. But, the story of the San Bernardino Sheriff's deputy correctional officer, Christopher Binghamcould add an unexpected and surprising twist to this story.

For years it has been suspected that the Mr. Binghamhas been an undercover member of the Mongols, an infamous, well-known and very dangerous motorcycle gang. According to preliminary investigations, bingham He operated under an alias in his secret and illegal life. By the way, all of this will come to light at his preliminary hearing, Christopher faces 13 felony charges. And he is almost certain to end up in jail.

This is how it supposedly operated within the Mongols

The four-month investigation culminated in a raid following his arrest in Riverside County, where he was detained during a traffic stop. He found himself bingham riding a Harley-Davidson along with two members of the Mongols, wearing, all of them, vests with full patches. The raid on his home revealed a large amount of gang paraphernalia, including an arsenal of 160 firearms, accessories and explosive devices.

Despite having initially paid bail, bingham He was arrested again on additional charges, including the theft of a Remington 870 police shotgun, as well as possession of more lethal weapons, including a short-barreled AR-15 assault rifle, explosive devices, and several silencers.

Mongols California

The accused, known within the gang as “Charles Tate“He has denied being a member of the Mongols. However, prosecutors have gathered a wealth of evidence during the raids, including telephone conversations about the group's activities, as well as references to the criminal code of silence known among criminals as “omerta«.

By the way, this motto was painted on the helmet that our protagonist was wearing during his arrest, next to the number «1312«, which encrypts «ACAB«. (All cops are bastards, that is, all police officers are bastards).

During the search of his home, the wife of bingham revealed that he himself made his vest from the Mongols and ordered the patches online. Despite having lived with him for 11 years, none of the band members visited his home.

At the moment, bingham He is being held on $240,000 bail. His attorney, of course, argues that the initial arrest was unlawful and that his client has never been a member of a criminal gang.

Mongols California

This would not be the first time that it has been discovered that law enforcement agencies have infiltrated agents from organized gangs. In fact, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has a long history of police gang members within its ranks. The organization's current problems arise due to investigations into violent gangs within the department.

In case of binghamHowever, it has been delayed while the judge determines whether the original arrest was legal or not.

Mongols California

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