Do you want the AMB 001 Pro from Aston Martin and Brough Superior? Well, it’s going up for auction!

Less than a month, that is the time you have to save as much as you can if you want to get a special AMB 001 Pro that was born from the collaboration between Aston Martin and Brough Superior. In fact, only 88 units were projected, and now one of those units is going to go up for auction on April 7.

Specifically, it is unit 8 of 88, although it shares with the rest of its sisters the characteristics that make it unique and among which a manufacturing period of two years stands out. That is the time it took from when the motorcycle was ordered until the owner received it.

How much is it worth to save two years of waiting? Well, it is estimated that the price that the AMB 001 Pro can reach will exceed 200,000 euros. This limited-run beast made at the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France, is a very exclusive blend.

The AMB 001 Pro can only be used on the track

If you have reached this line of the text thinking about buying it and knowing how much money it will cost, we are happy for you! If not, like us, you can continue enjoying a machine that cannot be registered and, therefore, can only be used on the track.

It is on the circuit where you can get all the power out of its 997 cc V-twin engine, which is capable of offering 225 HP. A power that must be wild in a motorcycle in which carbon covers its entire exterior and that is painted with the now classic Aston Martin colors, especially since its re-entry into F1.

The engine offers 225 HP despite being a twin-cylinder of less than 1,000 cc

To top it off, this specific unit, which as we said is the eighth in the series, has not been released. Zero kilometers on its marker, although at least it doesn’t mark negative, which would be what would happen to many of us in the bank account if we wanted to take it home…

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