Someone has had the great idea of ​​creating a real radio-controlled quad, and it is as fun as it looks…

We are used to seeing all kinds of oddities, but we must admit that this is one of those that attracts attention. And the friends of CBoys have come up with the idea of ​​creating a radio-controlled quad. Yes, a gasoline quad, real size, with real performance and that is not driven while on it but with a remote control.

As cool as it is crazy, you can’t get out of your head the similarity of this invention to the strollers you find in shopping malls where parents operate the stroller with remote control.

The difference between these toys and the radio-controlled quad is that with it you can do all the crazy things that would be frowned upon if it is your children (or those of others) who are in the stroller.

The radio controlled quad is not just any type of quad

Furthermore, the guys from CBoys (who, by the way, we have already seen here with other crazy things) have not been satisfied with just taking any quad, at all. They have chosen a Polaris Scrambler 1000, an ATV without gear that is prepared to face any challenge that is put in front of it, and even more so if it only has good old Randy on it.

And to add more fun to the matter, in addition to creating all the automatisms that allow having a radio-controlled quad, they decided to put a doll they called Randy on top, to do all kinds of tricks on both of them.

So the final result and what happens is predictable. Impossible jumps, passes through frozen lakes, hellish donuts… It was only a matter of time before everything ended in an accident, much to the chagrin of poor Randy.

A way like any other to waste time and money but, at least this time, it has not ended with anyone other than Randy suffering the consequences.

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