GIVI versatility and functionality to transport our belongings

GIVIthe Italian brand specialized in motorcycle equipment, has accessories like this saddle bag in 2024 Tailock EA147equipped with a high degree of versatility and functionality, in addition to having the possibility of transforming into a backpack with the capacity to house up to a full-face helmet.

With a history marked by passion for motorcycling and constant innovation, GIVI has established itself as a benchmark in the motorcycle accessories sector. Since its founding in 1978 by Giuseppe Visenziformer pilot of the World Motorcycle Championshipthe Italian brand has known how to combine craftsmanship «Made in Italy» with the highest technology.

The end result is a range of products that increase both performance and safety on the road and meet the needs of all types of motorcyclists. An example of this is this Tailock EA147 saddle bag which solves one of the problems that many motorists suffer: where to store and transport belongings.

GIVI Tailock EA147 saddle bag in detail

This bag is made with premium materials, such as durable 1200D POLY/PU, and with reflective trim for greater visibility. One of the most notable features of the Tailock EA147 is its practicality, which is mainly given by its capacity of 30 liters, expandable to 38which translates into the possibility of storing even a full-face helmet.

It is also equipped with a strap system that allows it to easily convert into a comfortable and ergonomic backpack. In addition, it includes a rear pocket with a double zipper: the upper one contains a padding to be used as a backrest for the backpack, while the lower one houses a water-resistant cover made of fluorescent yellow material, guaranteeing the protection of the contents in adverse conditions.

Tailock EA147 saddle bag: GIVI versatility and functionality to transport our belongings

Its attachment to the motorcycle is very simple, since it has the Tanlock system that allows it to be placed on the motorcycle with a single click. The Tailock EA147 saddle bag by GIVI represents the perfect combination of functionality, comfort and safety.

It can be purchased for 154 euros on the brand’s official website or at authorized distributors associated with it.

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