Barcelona will be the city with the most charging points and motorcycle battery exchange stations

Barcelona will have the largest number of charging points and motorcycle battery exchange stations in our country. The consistory, with Endolla Barcelonaplaces the Mediterranean city at the forefront in terms of electromobility in southern Europe.

In cities, charging points emerge as a crucial need, especially to provide assistance to electric motorcycle drivers who lack access to private chargers. Now, Barcelona stands out as one of the leading cities in this area in our country, deploying a wide network of chargers on its streets and parking lots.

This will be the recharge in Barcelona

The impulse is led by the Barcelona city council with its initiative Endolla Barcelona, managed by the public entity Barcelona de Serveis Municipals. Thus, the public body is proud to have established «the largest public electromobility network in Spain and southern Europe«, according to the same council.

According to data from the latest ANFAC Barometer, in Spain there are 16,551 public charging points in urban areas, out of a total of 29,301 throughout the country. The approach focused on Barcelona and Catalonia stands out as the most ambitious, although 83% of these points are low power (22 kW or less), aligned with the national trend.

Barcelona charging points

Endolla Barcelona It has already invested 25 million euros from European Next Generation funds. In addition, it plans to allocate another 15 million in the next five years to adapt to the growth of electrical technology. The goal is to provide charging infrastructure that is accessible, efficient and easy to use.

The installation of the 1,000th charging point in the Mercat de Sant Antoni marks a significant milestone for the company. The mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboniand the president of SEAT, Wayne Griffiths, were witnesses of this event. The goal now is to add 2,000 new charging points in BSM parking lots starting next year.

Barcelona charging points

In addition to increasing the quantity, Endolla Barcelona seeks to increase the power of its chargers, triple the power of charging points on the streets to 160 kW and double that of those located in parking lots to 7.4 kW. This would speed up loading times and promote greater mobility. Of course, all this using 100% renewable energy.

Barcelona City Council is advancing in this company thanks to public-private agreements with 10 operators, including bosch, Iberdrolaand Shell Recharge Solutions, to further boost the development of charging infrastructure in the city. In addition, this year it is planned to create a network of battery exchangers for electric motorcycles in the BSM parking lots. Initiative that will go hand in hand with Silence.

Barcelona charging points

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