The Dax who wanted to be a chopper and “did not die trying”

Is called ChopDax and it is the work of a Taiwanese specialist, Mike’s Garage. Furthermore, it has become de facto one of the preparations, of all we have known so far, made on the mythical Japanese model, which enjoys a greater degree of uniqueness, as well as a special dedication to every detail.

It immediately reminds us of the Honda Dax “Ramone” that we showed you in a distant year 2021, built from a Honda ST (Dax in Europe), by the Lemb Inc workshop, based in Jakarta, and the Indonesian artist Muklay .

It is no coincidence that this ChopDax by Mike’s Garage has been awarded with different national awards. This is especially helped by the chopper aesthetic on which the project has been developed, which highlights its very long front fork in the purest Easy Rider style.

Mike Chen, its creator, wanted to give shape to a unique work, where precisely the chopper style was the main protagonist of this work. In fact, Mike specializes in work of this type and performs similar preparations on low and medium displacement frames in his personal workshop.

ChopDax by Mike's Garage: The Dax who wanted to be a chopper and "He didn't die trying"

ChopDax by Mike’s Garage in detail

Returning to this ChopDax, it seems that a 1980 Honda Dax was used as the basis for the project. However, an engine from a 90 cc CUB was installed, managing to improve the final performance, now having some 10 HP maximum power.

In addition, a traditional kick start system was integrated to increase the originality of the preparation, honoring the chopper models of the 60s and 70s on which this model is inspired. ChopDax. This is also helped by radial type wheels, 16” inches at the front and 12 inches at the rear.

ChopDax by Mike's Garage: The Dax who wanted to be a chopper and "He didn't die trying"

As a curiosity; It does not have a front brake!, while the front wheel is shod with a tire from a BMX. Another peculiarity is its two side shock absorbers, although these are not functional, they are simply decorative. The same does not happen with its elongated front fork, measuring no less than 1.15 meters in length.

Lots of chrome in different areas of the motorcycle, the striking metallic pink color of its fibers or a seat with an upholstery simulating the hair of an animal complete the characterization of this ChopDax by Mike’s Garagewithout a doubt a true gem on a small scale.

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