Under the theme “Back In Time”, the Indian Riders Fest 2024 already has a date and place

We already know the main details of what will become the fourth edition of the Indian Riders Fest 2024. An event that this year will be marked by the “Back In Time” initiative taking us through an immersive and nostalgic journey through the years 70s, 80s and 90s.

The American brand has just revealed the most important details of its Indian Riders Fest 2024 (IRF24) possibly the brand’s largest macro event in the world. As in previous editions, passion and adventure converge to live an unforgettable experience with a program full of activities, exhibitions of exclusive products and tours.

A weekend full of music, genuine friendships and face-to-face interactions between Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. Additionally, this year the brand announces the initiative “Back In Time”with which they will take us on an immersive and nostalgic journey through the 70s, 80s and 90s in this Indian Riders Festival.

Building on the success of 2023, where a record attendance of more than 3,000 people of 39 nationalities came to České Budějovice (Budweis) in the Czech Republican additional day is added to this Indian Riders Fest 2024celebrating from July 13 to 16.

Indian Riders Fest 2024 Highlights

  • Early Entry: Doors will open early on Thursday, June 13, providing an extra day of festivities.
  • Grand Lottery: Get a chance to win a new 2024 model Indian motorcycle and other exciting prizes.
  • Celebrating a decade of passion: Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Indian Motorcycle Riders (IMR), reflecting on a decade of camaraderie and adventures shared by enthusiasts.
  • Demo Ride Indian Motorcycle: Attendees will have the opportunity to test ride the latest 2024 Indian Motorcycle models.
  • Guided Motorcycle Tours: Explore the picturesque region of South Bohemia with expert-led guided motorcycle tours, offering intimate experiences and discoveries of hidden gems.
  • New Parade Route – Enjoy a safe and scenic 40km parade route supported by national and local police.
  • Global Culinary Journey: Enjoy international cuisine and drinks from food trucks, with cashless transactions for added convenience.
  • Live Media Streaming – Stay up to date with real-time coverage of festival events via live media streaming.
  • Talk to the Pros/Academy: Participate in workshops designed for Indian Motorcycle owners, offering valuable maintenance knowledge.
  • Live VIP Interviews – Interact with industry experts and motorcycling legends through interactive sessions.
  • Indian Motorcycle Lounge Bar – Relax and unwind in a vintage-themed lounge offering classic pub games and premium drinking experiences.
  • Vehicle Check-in: Streamlined check-in process for a seamless arrival experience.
  • “Back In Time” Exhibit: Explore the legacy of Indian Motorcycle through a vintage motorcycle ride.
  • Budweis Indian Motorcycle Custom Show: Witness creativity and craftsmanship at an exclusive showcase dedicated to Indian Motorcycle customization.
  • South Bohemia Rally: Embark on an adventure through South Bohemia, collecting stamps and enjoying exclusive rewards.
  • Live music, DJ shows and more: Experience live concerts, vinyl DJ sets and lively dance parties throughout the festival.
  • Dance Show and Street Performers: Be enthralled by death-defying acrobatics, mechanical theater and street art performances.
Indian Riders Fest 2023

To stay up to date on the Indian Riders Fest 2024 You can visit the official website of the event. Tickets can also be purchased now, with prices starting from 66 euros.

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