KTM’s RC 8C 2024 is here and you can now reserve it

KTMfor yet another season, announces the marketing of one of the most exclusive and special motorcycles of the moment, the RC 8C 2024. The materialization of an idea of ​​a competition motorcycle, light as a feather and with a clearly defined objective.

Powered by a powerful parallel twin-cylinder engine of 889cc and equipped with the best components intended for competition, this exclusive machine is focused exclusively on circuits.

Manufactured in the most limited number of units ever produced, it features a custom-designed chassis, top-of-the-line racing components and a determined commitment to the track.

KTM RC 8C 2024 in detail

The KTM RC 8C 2024 Equips a Kevlar carbon body inspired by the KTM RC16, with a parallel twin-cylinder engine 889cc DOHC LC8c, with 8 valves and 130 HP. All this coupled to a 25CrMo4 steel multi-tubular chassiswhich improves its adaptation for competition with WP PRO components top-notch and a set of lightweight elements.

Made hand by hand with Kramer Motorcyclesthe new one RC 8C 2024 It features features like quick-release tank and body panels, Dymag light tires and Pirelli competition tires.

This motorcycle for exclusive use on the circuit leaves no doubt about its purpose. The suspension equipment is made up of a closed cartridge fork WP APEX PRO 7543 43mm and high performance, adapted to circuit use.

In the rear axle, a shock absorber WP APEX PRO 7746 with remote preload regulator guarantees precise behavior, offering the possibility of adjusting compression and extension at high and low speed.

To stop the KTM RC 8C 2024 order a set of radial brake master cylinders Brembo 19RCS Corsa Short derived from MotoGP, which control front brake calipers Brembo Stylema and fully floating 290 mm brake discs.

KTM sets a date for the opening of the reservation period for its new RC 8C 2024

A two-piston Brembo caliper paired with a 230mm fully floating disc handles rear braking, reinforced with an aluminum core and titanium bolts to save weight.

For comprehensive data acquisition and analysis, the KTM RC 8C 2024 incorporates instrumentation and a data logger AIM MXS 1.2 Race with built-in GPS function. Through a 5″ TFT screen With continuous data recording capability, pilots can connect AIM RaceStudio to study specific performance metrics in detail, fine-tuning your lap times with maximum precision.

KTM sets a date for the opening of the reservation period for its new RC 8C 2024

Highlights of the 2024 KTM RC 8C

  • Limited edition of 100 units for everyone
  • Handcrafted for exclusive use on the circuit
  • Performance at the level of a Moto2™
  • Power/weight ratio close to 1:1 with 135 HP and 142 kg dry weight
  • Akrapovič racing exhaust
  • Air filter housing and racing air filter
  • Specific 25CrMo4 steel multi-tubular chassis
  • WP APEX PRO COMPONENTS suspensions
  • Brembo racing brake components
  • Ultralight Dymag rims

KTM sets a date for the opening of the reservation period for its new RC 8C 2024

Like the two previous versions, the KTM RC 8C 2024 It can be ordered exclusively online through a specific reservation portal of the brand, which will be available starting March 20 at 3:00 p.m..

Here potential buyers will be able to reserve one of the 100 units available through a €1,000 fixed deposit. You would also have to choose a preferred dealer at the time of purchase where customers want to receive their KTM RC 8C 2024.

KTM sets a date for the opening of the reservation period for its new RC 8C 2024

In addition, buyers can reserve a place in the exclusive final delivery session in Portimao (Portugal). This event requires the additional purchase of a mandatory Competition Parts Pack, which consists of all the items necessary to participate in this installment.

It will include a personalized track tune-up session, private dinner, meet and greet. An exclusive track experience with KTM racing royalty, hot laps in a KTM X-BOW competition car with factory KTM drivers. In addition, KTM will reveal something super special as a world-exclusive preview of what the brand is preparing for the future.

More information and details on the official KTM website.

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