Dodge Charger Daytona: is it sacrilege to make an electric muscle car?

The history of the muscle cars It has always been linked to large engines. They are part of its American essence, although they are also quite at odds with the current times. That’s why it was a matter of time electrification arrived at this type of passionate vehicles. To many it will seem like heresy Dodge Charger Daytona which has just been presented, as it is the first fully electric variant of this model. However, the brand launches it as something necessary to continue the saga.

We must not forget that Dodge is still within Stellantis and that the strategy is marked as such. That is why they use the STLA Large platform to make this new generation electric Charger Daytona, which will coexist with combustion ones. It is confirmed that there will be two- and four-door versions, always with the American market in the spotlight and without news about his arrival in Europe. Although the move they have made is interesting and that it is an all-wheel drive model to handle that level of power.

The Dodge Charger Daytona has a electric propulsion system It consists of two motors, one on each axle, to achieve four-wheel drive. Each of them is made up of a module with the inverter and a gearbox next to the engine and they generate the same power. They combine to achieve surprising 670 HP and 813 Nm of torquein addition to having features similar to those achieved by the supercharged V8 in the previous generation.

It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 96 km/h in 3.3 seconds and completes the quarter mile in around 11.5 seconds. It has potential and its weight is really high due, in part, to a 100.5 kWh capacity battery. In the R/T variant you will get 510 kilometers of autonomy, while the Scat Pack will have to settle for 418 kilometers due to its greater performance. By having a totally new architecture, its loading speeds are up to 350 kW in direct current, allowing it to go from 20 to 80% in 27 minutes.

TO design levelhe muscle car electric differs from previous combustion models, but maintains its philosophy. The rounded and clean lines are typical of the Charger, but now it adds a more squared and futuristic front, with very striking LED lighting that includes the new Fratzog logo. The tires go from 18 to 20 inches depending on the version chosen, while the rear also keeps those drivers in the same frame.

The cabin is really technological and has digital instrumentation up to 16 inches (10.25 inches standard), in addition to the 12.3-inch central touch screen. It has the Stellantis Uconnect 5 multimedia system with all the connectivity necessary for daily life. It also stands out for the ambient lighting in various areas of the cabin or by technology so that there is an immersive simulated sound, which makes one forget the idea of ​​silent electric cars.

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