Does your bike have LCD markers? These tips to avoid problems interest you

Although today there are many motorcycles with TFT screens, there are still the majority of models that have LCD markers. In addition, these markers or screens gained space after becoming a support for analog markers, until they offered, in some cases, all the important information about the motorcycle.

What's more, over time they evolved and the LCD markers They began to have striking designs and increasingly elaborate designs. But the background of the LCD markers is nothing more than showing us the speed, revolutions, fuel level and, depending on the model, the time, average consumption, autonomy, battery voltage…

For this reason, we must try to preserve it as best as possible so that it never fails and does not get damaged, because in addition to being important for information, changing one costs money that we can save if we are cautious.

And taking care of the LCD markers is a simple task that does not require much effort or monitoring, but that, even so, will ensure a long, prosperous and effective life of that information screen without which we can drive our motorcycle or scooter. on the street can get complicated if information begins to fade.

Storing the motorcycle in a garage helps

Caring for LCD markers is so simple that it takes no effort

The first thing we must take care of to ensure that our LCD markers do not fail is that they are always as clean as possible. Avoiding dirt will save us problems. Of course, when cleaning it, do it carefully and with a soft cloth. If, in addition to the screen itself, you clean the plastic area, it is more difficult for water to leak and, therefore, we will also avoid condensation.

Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. This way you will avoid the damage caused by the sun. If you cannot find a shaded or sheltered area, the ideal would be to cover the motorcycle with a cover and if this is not possible either, you could consider using plastic films such as those used in window tinting. Although it is not the best solution, it will help somewhat.

Keeping the bike and LCD clean is also important

Lastly, to ensure that your LCD markers always work correctly, you will need to pay attention to your battery. And a battery that is not working well can cause the panel to not have enough energy to work correctly.

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