They are motorcycles, they are electric and they are from Renault, but everything makes sense

If on the street, out of the blue, they asked you what Renault does, there would be no doubt: they make cars. And if after that they told you that they do have a motorcycle, you might either say no, or you might have doubts and confuse it with a Peugeot.

But the reality is that to date Renault has not yet brought any motorcycle to the market. Although perhaps that is closer than it may seem, according to what was seen at the recent Geneva Motor Show where car brands have presented new models, and the French manufacturer an exercise in imagination about new mobility.

Through five different machines and in collaboration with five startups, they presented a project that proposed alternative mobility for personal mobility vehicles that could move on asphalt, water, snow and also off-road. This is how two motorcycles have been seen, each one for one element, a bicycle, a boat and a surfboard with a motor, what do you think?

Leaving aside the sailboat, which is a sailboat 3.4 meters long by 1.45 meters wide and removable, the motorized surfboard that weighs 30 kilos and can reach 35 km/h above the water and The BMX bike with a motor, what attracts us the most are, of course, the two motorcycles.

The two Renault motorcycles are not for the street…

The first of them is the Moonbike. It is a compact snowmobile, what we could almost call a snow scooter. It has an electric motor that would allow it to travel up to 40 kilometers per hour, a rear track and a small front skid, in addition to a particularly simple design. The company that collaborated with Renault for this creation is precisely Moonbike.

The Searacer is the electric jet ski option

The second of the motorcycles is the Searacer and as soon as you see the photos, and understand some English, you come to the conclusions of what it is for. Basically it is a personal electric watercraft, a jet ski for one person that moves thanks to an electric motor and its battery.

Of course, that electric motor is compact and although they have not given figures, Renault has assured that this concept created together with Searider would delight adrenaline addicts, because it is designed for use in water sports.

Perhaps none of these are the motorcycles we would expect from Renault, but who knows if this is just an exercise of imagination that awakens the concern of the yellow giant (now less giant and more yellow -because withered- than ever), and soon we see them with alternatives for personal mobility in the form of scooters or motorcycles.

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