Ducati 999R FILA with zero kilometers

Now we are more accustomed to special editions. Every year there is some special edition, to such an extent that what is special has become everyday. But before it was not like that and when a brand released a motorcycle, like this Ducati 999R FILA, it was for good reasons: it was really different and limited.

Nowadays Ducati dominates MotoGP and WSBK, but in 2003 it was only a reference in WSBK, even though it was already in the premier class and with a good feeling. But that year he was already celebrating his 200 victories in the series-derived motorcycle championship, and he did so with this very special edition of the Ducati 999R FILA.

And in addition to its decoration like the WSBK bike, something that we see more or less regularly, it had interesting changes with respect to the stock bike. To begin with, the fairing was made of carbon fiber, but the most important thing was that the power was 10 HP above the stock motorcycle. To that we had to add other extras such as forged aluminum wheels.

The Ducati 999R FILA with zero kilometers can be yours

And the best thing about the Ducati 999R FILA is that there is a unit that can be yours if you have enough money, and that is waiting for you so that 21 years later you can be the one to use it for the first time. This unit is in the United States, where 67 of those 200 ended up. Right now the bid is at $30,000 and the reserve price has already been exceeded, so whoever wins the auction will keep the motorcycle.

It is unit 005 of the 200 manufactured and its current owner acquired it around 14 years ago. The motorcycle is completely stock, absolutely nothing has been modified and it has all the manuals, original tools, its three keys and the commemorative plate.

From what we see in the photos, it is in perfect condition, although it has some small aesthetic defects. Anyway, if you are interested, at Iconic Motorbike Auctions you have all the details.

The decoration commemorates Ducati's 200 victories in the WSBK


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