The AD1 200 is a tricycle with a folding roof to move like a lord

The concept of three-wheeled scooters with a removable folding roof has its roots in the Benelli Adivaa scooter that was offered with 125 and 150 cc single-cylinder engines between 2001 and 2006.

But Adiva original, unlike its historical competitor, the BMW C1, (where the roof is part of the safety structure), the roof only provided protection from the weather. Another difference was that, despite having a roof, the use of a helmet was still mandatory and the use of a seat belt was not allowed.

And the same can be applied to the new Adiva AD1 200 2024, where the helmet is still mandatory, even with the roof. As we mentioned before, this roof is removable, just like in the model of Benelli, and can be folded and stored in the 40-liter top trunk when the weather is favorable. Furthermore, thanks to their two front wheels, these tricycles can be driven by people without a motorcycle license.

This is the Adiva AD1 200 in detail

According to Adivathe single-cylinder engine comes from Peugeot. With a displacement of 188.6 cc, it should generate 18.6 HP and 15.5 Nm of torque, reaching a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Of course, the automatic transmission, typical of this type of motorcycle, ensures smooth acceleration.

It should be noted that the Adiva AD1 200 It has a wheelbase of 1,460 mm, 10 cm more than the Piaggio MP3 300, so it is a long motorcycle. Its double wishbone suspension keeps both front wheels on the road, allowing a maximum inclination of 40 degrees and locking with an on-demand locking system.

The manufacturer seeks to position its brand in Europe as “Italian”, as reflected in its motto “This is Italian Style» on the home page of the largest model, the Adiva AD3 400. Currently, prices on their international website are displayed in yen. However, Adiva is not an Italian or Japanese manufacturer, but a Chinese one, since it belongs to the Qianjiang Group.

It is not clear if the Adiva AD1 200 and the top-of-the-range version, the AD1 400, will be available in Europe. Both models were presented in 2018 in their local market. And as we have learned, it is expected that the new version of the Adiva AD1 200 reach the Chinese market this year.

Adiva AD1 200 2024

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